Where to live in Bari with children? The 5 best neighborhoods

Bari is a beautiful seaside town and one of the largest in southern Italy. The capital of Puglia is a great city to live in, even with children. In fact, there is no shortage schools, sports facilities and a renowned university. In addition, the proximity to the sea and some of the most beautiful places in the region makes city life more pleasant. Then find out the 5 neighborhoods to live in Bari with children.


Poggiofranco is a residential area that stands out for its tranquility and the quality of life it offers families. Here you will find a variety of houses and apartments surrounded by green spaces, ideal for outdoor games and family walks. The area is well served by schools, playgrounds and multi-purpose centers.

The neighborhood, with many recently built housesis located a few kilometers from the center and is well connected thanks to several bus lines. In addition, the central station is only 2 kilometers away on foot, as is the historic center. It is undoubtedly one of the the best neighborhoods to live in Bari and one of the most sought after by families.

Torre a Mare

Living in Torre a Mare with children means choosing a daily life in close contact with the sea and nature. Even though it is a district of the city, it retains This fishing village or small town looks like. Being close to the sea, there is no shortage of space to walk or beautiful beaches.

There is no shortage of facilities dedicated to children: educational and recreational activities are organized in schools, play areas and cultural spaces. At the edge of the neighborhood there is also a station which connects Torre a Mare to the city center and other places on the road to Lecce.


The Carrassi neighborhood represents an excellent choice for families looking for accommodation in Bari with children. This area still retains the typical appearance of classic neighborhoods of Bari. You'll find a variety of houses and apartments, with options ranging from modern buildings to condominiums, ensuring a diverse housing choice.

THE childcare services in Carrassi they are numerous and well distributed: nursery schools, nursery and primary schools, play areas and green spaces where children can play. Among these, there is for example the Parco 2 Giugno. In addition, the neighborhood is well connected to the rest of the city thanks to a public transport network which includes some bus lines. Finally, about a kilometer walk away is the Polytechnic University of Bari, making the area also suitable for students.


The Murat neighborhood is perhaps the beating heart of Bari, an ideal living choice for families who want to live in a dynamic environment full of services. Living in Murat with children means having access to many educational establishments, such as schools and kindergartens, as well as different types of shops and businesses. Although the central streets are very busylike Via Sparano, the side streets are quiet.

Means of transport are another strong point of the Murat district: its central location allows you to move easily in all directions, both by public transport and on foot. Also, the waterfront and the central station they are at your fingertips. Another advantage lies in the presence of the University, whose headquarters is in Piazza Umberto I.


The Palese neighborhood represents an option for those looking for a place near the sea to live in Bari with children. This district, located in the northern part of the city, is characterized by a less dense urban fabric and a very lively seafront, especially in summer. There is also no shortage of schools and sports facilities.

There public transport network it effectively connects Palese to the center of Bari and other surrounding areas, making daily travel easier for families. In addition, the presence of the airport nearby does not alter the tranquility of the neighborhood, but represents added value for those who travel often.

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