What new home buyers are looking for today

In just a few years, the residential market has undergone profound changes: lifestyles and habits have changed and consequently what we look for in a house has changed, especially if it is new. According to Savills report “Italy New Construction Survey 2024”, Cities today are at the center of buyers' preferences, who choose them for the rich and multifaceted lifestyle they offer, for work opportunities and for the possibility of studying at the best universities. Factors such as quality, presence of green spaces and sustainability are now essential and top preferences. So let’s take a look at what new home buyers are looking for today.

“In our survey, we identified different profiles of buyers who are today looking for a new house with specific characteristics,” he explains. Elena Zanlorenzi, head of research at Savills for Italy. – The surveyed sample includes Italian and international investors of different age groups and profession, with different budgets and liquidity and who buy for various reasons ranging from investment for rental to first home, up to the second home for the holidays. They all have in common the attention paid to the quality of housing and access to services, and demonstrate an increasing awareness of environmental issues. Those looking for a new home today view the amenities offered as the deciding factor that makes a home a “home.”

How the concept of home changes in 2024

In recent years, the the residential market has changed profoundly. Lifestyles and habits have changed, for both economic and cultural reasons. As a result, the home must change to adapt to new ways of working, greater attention to well-being and work-life balance and the desire to enjoy quality spaces. Buyers today are more attentive and aware of the fact that the characteristics of their home influence the quality of life and are therefore looking for properties that meet these expectations: green spaces, the presence of easily accessible services and connections to transport. in common are among the assets. the most sought after. This is particularly true for large cities like Rome and Milan, which attract the majority of demand, both from buyers for direct use and for investment, but it also applies to second homes located in tourist areas.

Italians want to buy a house in the city

The majority of respondents (82%) want to buy in an urban context, preferring a metropolitan lifestyle, with particular attention to cities of Rome, Milan and Florence, looking for a rich and varied lifestyle, in order to access job opportunities in innovative companies and to be able to study at the best universities. Second homes are also attracting interest from buyers, with 9% favoring locations by the sea and a further 9% split between locations in the mountains, in the countryside and by a lake.

What the house should look like (especially if it is new)

In recent years, the community and the neighborhood in which one chooses to live have acquired great importance, but they have also become a little more flexible: for a fair and quality product, located in a well-served and connected neighborhood, the Potential buyers are ready to change neighborhoods and move. In fact, the quality of the property trumps location and size, factors that potential buyers are more willing to compromise on. However, it is not surprising that those looking for housing are not ready to concede anything in terms of environmental factors and energy saving: awareness among citizens looking for housing in neighborhoods with Green spaces and/or private outdoor spaces continue to grow. . If they are equipped with innovative systems to reduce energy costs and optimize consumption, their desirability increases considerably.

Essential Services for Home Buyers

For 74% of buyers, the presence of outdoor spaces for personal use is an essential and essential factor, as are the Approvals which increasingly constitute a determining factor in the choice. This is even more true in the case of newly constructed homes, where buyers are looking for unique and exclusive investments. In first place among the wishes we find surveillance (15%), followed by services reception and concierge (14%); fitness spaces and electric car charging stations close the podium with 12% of preferences each; Interest in spaces dedicated to sports and cycling is also growing.

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