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Sicily is an ancient land full of millennial history, surprising culinary traditions and breathtaking landscapes. In the center of this island full of wonders, it stands majestically Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe.

Because they are called the countries of Etna

The slopes of Etna are not only the scene of an extraordinary natural spectacle, but also a place of life, culture and tradition for the communities who live there. In these fertile lands, where lava has mixed with the ground for centuries, certain municipalities are defined “Aetnean Cities”. In this article, we will dive into the heart of Sicily, discovering the countries located on the slopes of Etna and their particularities.

Complete list of towns on Etna


With its 7,599 inhabitants, it stands at the foot of Etna, in the center of a unique volcanic landscape. Located south of the majestic volcano, Nicolosi welcomes the headquarters of the Etna Park. Thanks to its strategic position, equidistant between the sea and the volcano, Nicolosi has earned over the centuries the title of “Gate of Etna”.


It is located at an altitude of 551 meters. and has approximately 28 thousand inhabitants. The town was originally called “Malpasso”; destroyed twice in the 17th centurythe first due to a large eruption and the second due to a violent earthquake, it was rebuilt a third time and its name was changed to the current one as a symbol of auspiciousness.. Today, Belpasso is one of the most important towns located on the slopes of the volcano, known as “The Chessboard of Etna”.

Castiglione of Sicily

Framed by landscapes of extraordinary beauty, Castiglione di Sicilia is ranked among the most beautiful villages in Italy; it was probably founded by exiles from Naxos in 403 BC. Situated in a privileged position, the village is embraced by the majestic Alcantara Valley and suggestive Gole dell'Alcantara Geological Parkalso overlooks the majestic Etna Park.


It is located on two distinct geographical substrates: on one side lie the lands of lava origin, while on the other lie those of alluvial origin along the Simeto valley. Over the centuries, Paternò has been characterized by the presence of many water sources. The best known source is undoubtedly that of Maimonidesalthough it does not currently have adequate facilities to be open to the public.


According to a popular local legend, in ancient times on the Castle Rock there was a princess named Maletta or Marietta. This princess commanded a band of ferocious brigands who raided the surrounding area then took refuge in the Castle, bringing the loot there. Thanks to the inaccessibility of the place, the bandits felt safe and protected from persecution. Around the fortress, these bandits built the town of Malettowhich was governed and governed by the princess, hence the name “Marettu” which the city took in her honor.

Zafferana Etnea

It is located on the eastern slope of Etna and is known for prestigious Brancati literary prize, created in 1967 on the initiative of illustrious personalities of journalism and Italian literature. Throughout the year, the country welcomes several festivals dedicated to typical local productsranging from chestnuts to mushrooms and apples, offering a broad overview of the local culinary tradition.


It is a municipality located in the Etna Park and the Nebrodi Parkknown for its renowned variety of green pistachio from Bronte. For those who decide to visit this town, they will not only be able to taste the local specialties and admire the natural landscape, but also the numerous monuments that tell its thousand-year-old history.


Called the “Etna Terrace”, this small town located at an altitude of 830 meters stands out for its panoramic position. It's a favorite destination for touristsfor the tranquility of the place and glexcellent local gastronomic and wine products.

During the hot summer evenings, from June to September, astronomy enthusiasts cannot fail to visitAstrophysics Observatorylocated on the southern slope of Etna.

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