VAT cut for lawyers: legislative corporatism in the Senate?

You will never be better served than yourself…especially when you are elected to the Senate. According to our information, the two senators are preparing to introduce the 2024 finance bill this Thursday, which aims to reduce the tax treatment for lawyers. Gilbert Favreau, elected from 2020 from Deux-Sèvres, and Francis Spinner, recently elected senator in Paris, are proposing to use a reduced VAT rate of 5.5% as part. “Legal services for persons with employment contracts and the unemployed” For proceedings in the labor court, also provided “under the legal aid regime”.

This is explained by the authors of the change Companies subject to VAT can deduct from the tax base the costs incurred as a result of consulting lawyers and thereby recover VAT., which does not apply to natural persons. Therefore, this change will have no other purpose than that “Strengthening access to rights for our fellow citizens”. Too kind.

A tax cut for friends?

In fact, such a text would, first of all, allow lawyers to reduce the amount of fees without affecting their margins, or even maintain rates by increasing it. And this at the expense of the state. This should not have gone unnoticed by the two senators, both members of the Les Républicain group and who practiced the same profession…lawyer.

Gilbert Favreau sold his law firm in 2015 to devote himself to his mandate as President of the Deux-Sèvres Departmental Council, as well as Honorary Lawyer. In particular, he was president of the Bressuire Bar Association in 1991 and 1992. As for Francis Spinner, a well-known political and financial veteran, he founded the firm STAS & Associés. The cabinet, which he left last November…

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