Valuable advice from a jewelry expert.

Not a week goes by without the NR referring to the wave of robberies that has been plaguing our region for months. Regularly, police officers and gendarmes speak in our columns to recommend citizens to exercise the greatest vigilance. We know that criminals act quickly and are primarily looking for cash and jewelry. It is true that gold prices have soared to new heights.

Faced with this scourge, Bl├ęsois Pierre Weber, jurist at the Orleans Court of Appeal and president of the National Chamber of Jewelry Experts, offers valuable advice to avoid painful disappointments and takes the opportunity to strike a blow at some preconceived ideas. It must be said that this master jeweler knows what he is talking about since he opened his business in 1968. Many individuals come to him, for example during inheritances or before the sale, but also professionals to restore antique jewelry, in particular.
Why appraise your jewelry? After a robbery, victims must submit evidence of damage caused to their insurance company. However, many times they do not have invoices. In most cases, the jewelry owned by individuals was acquired by inheritance or was given to them. People mistakenly imagine that taking a photograph of their jewelry will allow them to obtain compensation. However, a photo alone does not allow us to know if the jewelry was gold or specify which stone or diamond was used. Without proper testing, insurance will refund the value of the jewelry for a ring or necklace worth much more. An appraisal file guarantees compensation corresponding to the real value of your assets.
Who should we contact to make an assessment? Mandatory with an expert approved by our chamber. Your neighborhood jeweler is not a professional trained to date the manufacture of a piece of jewelry and determine its value. There are about thirty of us in France. I'm the only one in the department.
What does your expert work consist of? I only work by appointment. People trust me with their jewelry and I keep it safe. An expert report can last several days, depending on the number of pieces entrusted to me. Fees are set based on the time spent performing the appraisal and not based on the value of the jewelry. The expert prepares a complete file in which the jewelry is inventoried and photographed, each piece is reviewed, each of its details and characteristics are described, specifying the date of manufacture, the manufacturing technique, the title and the weight of the gold. , punches, stones and diamonds used. Of course, we set the value of jewelry based on the price of gold and the dollar for precious stones. This expert report constitutes recognized and indisputable evidence in the event of litigation.
What advice would you give to protect yourself from thieves? The safest way is to equip yourself with a sealed wall safe to keep jewelry safe in your absence. Few thieves insist on putting up such an obstacle. These thefts are a terrible scourge for the victims because the stolen jewelry usually has irreplaceable sentimental value. They are lives, family stories that are taken from us. It is also the same for jewelry, the disappearance of heritage and know-how because most of the stolen jewelry is melted down to be transformed into fine gold ingots.

Contact: Pierre Weber, by appointment only, tel.

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