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Calendar for the 2023-2024 school year

The study grant is awarded on a means-tested basis to families whose income does not exceed a certain limit based on the number of dependent children. This assistance is paid to people caring for a child enrolled in higher education or at the National Center for Distance Education (Cned). To benefit from this, the income listed in the 2023 tax assessment is taken into account for the 2022 income. You have until October 19, 2023 to submit your application if your child is educated in a public or private institution and until October 31. 2023 if registered with Cned. It is possible to apply for multiple scholarships if multiple children are enrolled at a university.

How do I apply?

The application for a university scholarship for the 2023 school year takes place online between January 1stum September and October 19, 2023 if your child is educated in a public or private institution, until October 31, 2023 if he or she is registered with the Cned.

The request is made online on the Scolarité Services portal

For students enrolled at Cned, the scholarship request is made using the form


A support platform for all questions about a scholarship application

What are the annual amounts and payment dates?

The college scholarship helps families with modest incomes by reducing cafeteria costs or expenses for purchasing school supplies or textbooks. For the year 2022-2023 the funding amounts are:

  • 111€ for level 1;
  • 312€ for level 2;
  • 486€ for level 3.

Payment is made in 3 installments, each quarterly, i.e.:

  • End of December 2023 for the 1stum quarter ;
  • End of March 2024 for the 2nde quarter ;
  • End of June 2024 on the 3rde Quarter.
Table – Budget resource limits that cannot be exceeded

Reference tax income from the 2022 tax assessment on 2021 income

Number of dependent children

step 1

Rank 2

level 3





























8 or more




Annual scholarship amount




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If parents live together, household income is taken into account. If your place of residence changes, the income of both parents is no longer taken into account. The income of the applicant for the scholarship or the income of his patchwork household will be taken into account, according to the Ministry of National Education.

Families with modest incomes are also entitled to other educational grants, such as the university social fund.


If the student is a half-board or boarding student, the costs of half-board and meals will be deducted from the scholarship amount.

To know

a boarding school bonus 327€ (1um step), from 396€ (2e relay) and 465€ (3e Level) is aimed at all college scholars attending boarding schools. It is closely linked to the status of a scholarship holder. The payment is made in 3 installments at the same time as the scholarship. Families do not need to fill out a specific application.

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