UGE Group BV, important player in the physical sale of gold sector

With more than 10 years of experience in the gold sector, UGE Group BV offers its investor clients the opportunity to generate additional income through physical gold. Today, the group has more than 4,500 investor clients, on behalf of whom it has carried out more than 400 million euros in operations, assuring them an annual interest of up to 7.90% (interest not guaranteed by insurance or investment fund). compensation). In addition to the purchase of gold, UGE Group BV offers a wide range of services, ranging from the resale of gold or precious metal objects to investment, refining and safe storage of products.

The offer of the UGE BV group

UGE Group BV has been supporting people and advising them on investing in physical gold for more than 10 years. UGE Group BV offers its clients a wide range of services including the purchase, sale, storage, refining and investment in physical gold, but also in other precious metals such as silver, platinum or palladium. Let's explore all this in detail.

Buy physical gold

UGE Group BV offers retail investors the opportunity to safely and easily purchase physical gold, including gold bars and coins from globally recognized refineries certified by the London Bullion Market (LBMA). In addition, UGE Group BV offers the conservation of purchased precious metals in professional storage units, from the manufacturing phase. In this way, you will benefit from traceability that guarantees both the authenticity of the products and a minimum gold purity of 995 thousandths.

Coins, bars and ingots, these are the three forms of gold intended for investment. UGE Group BV advises you on the product that best suits your investment strategy and the total amount of your investment. However, you should know that bars are the format chosen by investors, especially due to their low premium, which is added to the official price of gold. Therefore, UGE Group BV offers its customers Valcambi gold bars of 100 g, 250 g, 500 g and 1 kg. Obviously, each bar is stamped with the gold weight, fineness, refiner's hallmark and a unique serial number.

Unlike bullion and bars, investment gold coins have higher premiums. That said, they are more flexible on resale, as you can, at any time, resell part of your shares in case you need to free up cash. Added to this is the fact that gold coins are minted in limited quantities by government institutions and are legal tender in their country of origin. Finally, to deliver the purchased products to you, whether coins or bars, UGE Group BV uses its delivery partners FEDEX and UPS for investments below €25,000, and BRINKS for investments above €25,000 to €25,000.

Resale of gold or precious metal objects.

UGE Group BV offers its clients a turnkey solution for the resale of their gold or precious metal objects. Whether you want to resell antique jewelry, gold, silver or platinum items, or enhance a collection or family heirloom, UGE offers you the benefit of a free estimate on your items. Simple and transparent, UGE Group BV's resale solution consists of 4 key steps.

It all starts with receiving your objects or jewelry. At this level, you can choose between 2 possibilities, namely:

  • in-person reception, making an appointment and going directly to the UGE facilities;
  • sending your gold objects or jewelry in a secure “Declared Value” envelope, with the possibility of 24/7 delivery tracking. This Post service includes insurance for precious objects of up to €7,500 in Belgium and €5,000 in France.

After receiving your gold objects or jewelry, they are subject to the expertise and evaluation of an expert. This begins by sorting precious metal jewelry using a magnet, then looking for hallmarks to identify the type, type of metal and its quality (gold, silver, platinum and metal content). Next, perform a developer test with friction sampling on a touchstone and application of an acid to confirm and determine the exact metal content. Finally, the expert weighs the jewelry on an approved scale to define a price, based on the type of metal, its quality, its weight and the daily price.

At the end of the evaluation, a UGE Group BV advisor sends you an email formulating a buyback offer, based on the price defined by the expert. Please note that this offer is non-binding, so you are free to accept or reject it. Without your agreement on the resale price, no transaction is initiated. If you are not satisfied with the offer, UGE Group BV undertakes to return your shipment at your expense. If, on the other hand, you accept the offer, UGE Group BV will make the payment by bank transfer as quickly as possible and in complete confidentiality.

Secure storage service

We tell you, UGE Group BV offers its clients a secure storage service, in their own name, for optimal protection of their investment, with a long-term holding approach. This service outside the banking system is ultra-secure because it is under close surveillance 24 hours a day, effectively eliminating any risk exposure. Being the sole owner of the precious metals, the client has direct access to the secure vaults.

UGE Group BV has a network of storage partners, made up of independent companies specializing in the safekeeping of valuables, including Brink's, Malca-Amit, KBC Bank and Safe House. The safes offered by UGE Group BV are located in Zurich, Geneva, Brussels, Antwerp and Singapore. You should know that these safes are equipped with the latest security technologies and are managed by teams trained and specialized in the field of security of valuable objects, guaranteeing maximum and continuous protection through physical presence, but also through central monitoring and the electronic system. of the facilities.

gold refining

Based on a set of operations and treatments, refining aims to improve the quality of the material by transforming it by eliminating impurities and other metals that remain alloyed after fusion. Thanks to refining, gold of exceptional quality can be obtained (24 carats, 999.99 thousandths).

At this level, UGE Group BV has an expert partner in precious metals, who uses the latest techniques in their analysis laboratory to offer you independent analysis. UGE Group BV offers its customers the opportunity to melt down their old gold, gold coins, gold alloys and polishing, all in specially created refining facilities for this purpose, at an expert partner with induction and gas furnaces. This same partner specialized in chemical refining is capable of recovering all your precious metals, whether gold, silver, palladium or platinum, or even jewelry or objects. This allows you to avoid labor and shredding costs, while benefiting from fast processing and payment for your shipments.


Investing in gold has always been and continues to be a “safe haven” investment. By purchasing physical gold, you are guaranteed to be able to resell it at least at its purchase price, without the risk of a possible price drop. You can also benefit from very attractive additional income by tying up your gold for the entire holding period. In this case, remember that UGE Group BV keeps your gold safe with its partner Brink's, for the time and according to the investment plan you have chosen:

  • Plan 1: 24 months of immobilization, minimum capital €5,000;
  • Plan 2: 36 months of immobilization, minimum capital €5,000;
  • Plan 3: 48 months of immobilization, minimum capital €5,000;
  • Plan 4: 60 months of immobilization, minimum capital €5,000.

The UGE Group BV investment solution is carried out with complete transparency, in 4 key steps. After purchasing an amount of physical gold (coins or bars) of legal tender based on the amount of your capital, you enter into a lock-up agreement with UGE Group BV, for a period of 24 to 60 months, depending on your needs. Then, the CGU pays you monthly, according to the interest rate corresponding to the chosen plan and as agreed in the agreement. At the end of the agreement, you can choose to resell your shares to UGE Group BV, receive the gold at your expense or renew the investment plan with the possibility of changing it.

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