TVO and TFO coordinate the online lessons

Until August 21, telecommunications companies, municipalities, indigenous communities and non-profit organizations are invited to present innovative proposals and use their investments, expertise and experience to improve connectivity.

The $150 million in funding is part of a $315 million plan to attract $1 billion in investments to enable more people to “work from home more effectively , engage in online learning and stay in touch with family and friends.”

Construction code

The Ford government wants updating the building code to be “easier and quicker” to “respond more quickly to the needs of the construction sector.” In particular, we want to align the Ontario Code with the Federal Code and reduce interprovincial trade barriers.

Water supply

Working with the agri-food sector, we will seek to reduce drainage regulations (which help prevent flooding) “while maintaining environmental regulations that ensure the safety and health of Ontarians.”

And the work of implementing municipal wastewater and stormwater infrastructure projects will be “eased” by a single, consolidated environmental permitting process for municipal projects. “Routine and simple municipal works could be approved in advance without the need for separate approval on a case-by-case basis.”

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