Training: Where can I get free Moocs?

If you want to develop, progress or even undertake professional retraining, using Mooc platforms can be a good place to start. But how do you navigate through all Mooc offers and which training should you choose?

Mooc platforms (massive open online coursemassive open online course) are experiencing increasing success in all areas of activity thanks to the variety of training courses offered. These e-learning platforms that offer both flexibility and certified training to their participants are booming. According to the globalnewswire website, the global e-learning market is expected to reach $374.3 billion by 2026. But how do you find the Mooc you need?

Mooc training: Ask yourself the right questions

It has now been 14 years since the first Moocs appeared online. Since then, its offering has grown continuously in all countries, in all languages ​​and in all areas of activity. Before you start the MOOC training, first ask yourself whether the MOOC you want to complete really meets your needs and expectations. Does the proposed program allow you to fill your gaps or acquire new skills, does the duration of the Mooc correspond to your availability, does the Mooc offer anything? CertificationCertification Are there the necessary prerequisites at the end of the training…

Further questions about the course of the Mooc: Are these lectures equipped with teacher intervention or not, do practical exercises have to be carried out, is there a forum or space for interaction with the other participants? Etc.

Before you dive headfirst into the first Mooc you find, take the time to look at all the existing platforms and their reputation. This ensures the seriousness of the training offered and avoids disappointments. Moocs can be created by reputable universities or schools or by private training platforms. Also note that there are paid Moocs, free Moocs, and free Moocs with a paid option to obtain certification.

Where can I get free moocs?

Several platforms offer numerous free moocs. Here you will find a selection of the most famous French and international platforms, sorted alphabetically:

  • Codecademy: Platform in English, specializing in programming languages, but also in data science, machine learningmachine learningWeb development, data visualization, cybersecurity… Free and paid content.
  • Coursera: Coursera has more than 200 collaborations with major companies and renowned universities and offers numerous courses in data science, health, arts and humanity, information technology, business, science, mathematics, social sciences, human resource development, IT… Free and paid courses.
  • EdX: platform created by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard, EdX offers a variety of high-quality training that will give your resume a real edge. Most courses are available for free, but certification requires a fee. With EdX you can also earn a micro-bachelor's degree, a master's degree, or even university credits.
  • Fun-Mooc: France Université platform set up by the Ministry of Education DigitalDigital offers free courses taught by university or college professors. Some certifications require a fee.
  • My Mooc: With more than 10,000 Moocs offered by schools and universities, My Mooc offers certifications in many areas and in multiple languages ​​(French, English, Chinese). Some certifications require a fee.
  • OpenClassrooms: OpenClassrooms is an online course platform that allows you to obtain a certification recognized by the French State and listed in the RNCP. Between diploma courses and open access courses, OpenClassrooms covers many topics.

You can also get advice GoogleGoogle digital workshops, LinkedIn Learning, HandiMooc, Skillshare,, Udacity, Sillages, Udemy…

Free MOOCs: Don't confuse certification and diploma

While completing a Mooc can earn you certification, it is not the same as a diploma. Of course, you can include your certificate on your resume and highlight it during interviews, but this is not a substitute for obtaining a college degree. On the other hand, the certification can be used to apply for diplomas. This shows your motivation and ability to understand the skills required to undertake a diploma course. Completing Mooc training during your employment may help you advance within your company or consider career retraining.

However, many universities now offer complete degree programs on MOOC platforms. This applies to Anglo-Saxon universities, but also to HEC Paris, which offers an MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship on the Coursera platform.

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