They arrest a person who stole jewelry and money from his relatives in Punta Umbria

The arrest of the alleged perpetrator of jewelry thefts and robberies with force in the areas of Punta Umbría was carried out this Wednesday in the city. There The police station agents of the investigation zone of the Civil Guard of Punta Umbria –through what we call Operation Odiel36 – Aurum, began the investigation following a complaint filed last time May where the theft inside a house of a large quantity of gold jewelry valued at approximately 8,000 euros.

When it comes to gold coinsthe researchers addressed the jewelry stores existing in the town, proving that “a person residing there had sold between the months of September 2023 and April 2024” many pieces of this precious metalbeing recorded in the corresponding sales contracts”.

According to Civil Guard sources, once these contracts were obtained, the jewelry sold was recognized by the complainant as being the stolen from their parents' homeexcept for a gold bracelet with several medals that “he does not recognize as belonging to his family.”

Given this circumstance, a detailed analysis was carried out of the photographs of this jewel that accompany the contract, verifying that two dates are inscribed on the obverse of the two medals, which could be a date of marriage and date of birth. With this data, the agents went to the civil registry, locating a marriage that coincides with the date of one of the medals and that, as a result of this marriage, “they had a child born on the second date inscribed on the second medal.

After this discovery, they went to the home of this couple, being located because they had been absent from the town for a long time, so they contacted their son, which allowed the jewel to be stolen from his home where she had been transferred due to absence of their parents months ago.

Due to all these indications, we proceeded to arrest of a manwhich appears as jewelry seller in jewelry store“being a close relative of their owners, he therefore accessed the house without problems and is also a neighbor of the second home where the other jewel was stolen, after having jumped over the wall that divides the patios of the two houses and later entered the property where he stole, in addition to this jewel, 1,800 euros in notes and coins.

According to the Civil Guard, “none of the stolen jewelry could be recovered”, because the deadline for legal deposit in the jewelry store had expired and they were melted down. The detainee and the proceedings initiated were brought before the Competent judicial authority. For their part, they recommended to citizenship”photograph all your jewelry so that it can be recognized by officers in the event of theft, store the jewelry in a safe place and if possible under lock and key.

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