The unique exercise book from CP to third grade

A unique school notebook

The school books for elementary and middle schools have developed into nothing more than a common school book for compulsory school education..

A student's school certificates include for each cycle :

  • regular reviews of the current cycle
  • the year-end reviews of previous cycles and, in the first year of a cycle, the periodic reviews of the previous year
  • Certificates already acquired: PSC1, ASSR 1 and 2, AER, school certificate “Swimming” (ASSN), etc.

A detailed balance sheet at the end of each period :

  • on the front the level of the students by subject
  • on the back general assessments and projects carried out

This national model is based on an identical format from first to third grade.

At the end of each cycle (CE2, sixth, third)One sheet provides an overall assessment of eight components of common ground using a simple indicator: inadequate, fragile, satisfactory or very good control.

Regular reviews

The periodical review tells parents what their child will be primarily assessed on and what the assessments have revealed.

From CP to CM2The teacher assigns the student to the learning goals in each subject: not achieved, partially achieved, achieved, exceeded. From sixth grade onwardsthe notes can be inserted into the periodic reports.

It says so in the regular reviews :

  • the achievements and progress of the students by discipline, with mention
  • of the program's main elements worked
  • Educational pathways
  • any specific support agreements

To the universityIt goes on to say:

  • individual care
  • interdisciplinary practical lessons, from fifth grade onwards
  • Elements of school life
  • possible additional lessons

A correspondence appendix is ​​included with these reports to facilitate dialogue with families.

In everyday classroom life, grades are not eliminated in either primary school or middle school. Freedom is left to the teaching teams. Thus, teachers in schools that still use note-taking can continue the noted exercises, but regular assessments will require them to re-establish the learning objectives; “Classes without grades” at universities can also continue this practice.

In regular reviewsPositioning on a four-level scale is possible in every compulsory school class. Positioning based on grades is only possible in college.

Periodic reports are only available to National Education for the duration of the cycle and the following year. Only final assessments accompany students until the end of their secondary school education.

Download a sample fifth grade periodic assessment from the Single School Brochure application

End of cycle checks

End-of-cycle assessments include an assessment of the level of mastery of the eight components of the Common Core, namely the four knowledge and competence goals of the first area and the other four areas. These assessments also include a qualitative assessment of the academic performance of the cycle and, if necessary, recommendations for the next cycle.

Download an end of cycle 4 assessment model from the individual school brochure application

The unique exercise book application from CP to third grade

If the components of the school report can be determined using different toolsThe brochure has a digital form that is common to all students and all types of educational institutionsa national application for monitoring school education, called a uniform textbook from CP to third grade.

This brochure will gradually become available to parents and guardians. This application is also the source of the transmission of the elements of the brochure that will be taken into account for the award of the National Patent Diploma (DNB) and for the choice of tasks of the students after the third year.


Your child's unique school certificate

A unique exercise book accompanies your child from first to third grade. It lists his progress in acquiring the basics of compulsory education.
Consult the document “Your child’s individual school certificates”.

Website for reference

The school file on Eduscol

  • The content of the school report
  • The application “Uniform exercise book from CP to third grade”.
  • Technical data sheets for the application “Individual exercise book from CP to third grade”.
  • Tutorials for the application “Individual exercise book from CP to third grade”.

The school report

Reference text

Contents of the school book for elementary and middle school
Decree of December 31, 2015 – Official Journal of January 3, 2016

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