The school calls for better consideration of transgender children and falls short

From teachers to Principal Education Advisors (CPE), from school nurses to social workers, the observation is shared: in recent years, trans identity has become an issue in secondary schools, but now also in universities ” Theme “. Students who don’t feel “good in her style”, not “Connection with their gender” Or “neither really a girl nor really a boy,” and those who challenge the educational institution in this sense are no longer one ” Exception “, We hear echoes from one facility to another.

National Education has taken note of these students’ questions: “We perceive empirically that the trend is increasing without being able to reduce it to a number,” we recognize Rue de Grenelle.

A teacher admits in a conversation that two of her graduating students visited her a few weeks apart and asked her to give them a first name other than hers – and their gender. A “The first in thirty years of career,” She whispers, and that wasn’t a problem “neither for the class nor for the rest of the school”.

These are young people who appear in their thousands on social networks under the hashtag #nonbinary. The documentary has met with this response – even from the youngest people Little girl, directed by Sébastien Lifshitz and broadcast at the end of 2020 on Arte. But it is also the strong emotion triggered in Lille in December 2020 by the suicide of the 17-year-old transgender teenager Fouad, a few days after an argument with the staff of her high school and whose classmates challenged the institution: “We don’t blame, we just want something to change! »

Define standard answers

The multiplication of these signals has led national education, known to be rather reserved, to address the issue, especially since the controversy over the so-called “gender theory” rocked the school in 2013 and 2014 and convened on January 20, in Ministry of Education, a working group specifically concerned with trans identity.

It includes a handful of associations and representatives of this “house”, including Edouard Geffray, the Director General of School Education. The goal: to define the standard answers that must be given every time a student asks a question about trans identity in their institution.

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