The San Rafael de Cordoba pastry shop will hide four gold and precious stone rings in its Three Kings roscones

There are those who, when cutting the roscón de Reyes, usually take a look in advance in case there is the bean that requires them to crush the candy. Others want to get their share of this delicious cake typical of the holidays. a figurine to add to the nursery. There will also be those, I am sure, who will simply throw the piece into their mouth to enjoy the multiple varieties that now decorate the interior of this delight.

But this year, things could change. Like Indiana Jones in search of the Ark of the Covenant, many Cordobans enjoy the roscón de Reyes that they buy at the San Rafael pastry shop, in the El Brillante district of Córdoba. Esperanza Romero and her husband kept it legendary workshopwhich is celebrating its centenary this year and which closed its doors in July, and they also maintained the team that worked here.

To celebrate this anniversary, in this candy store they will hide four golden rings in four other Reyes roscones so that one of their customers could find them. However, you will need to be careful not to lose your teeth during this attempt.

Esperanza Romero tells the day that the idea was born during a conversation that her husband had with several friends. One day, congratulations to the couple for choosing such a remarkable pastry were exchanged with others addressed to a friend, a jewelry designer, who had just won a prestigious award in the sector.

Someone joked, the businesswoman said, that they could put “Alvarito’s ring” on the Roscón and the couple thought, “Why not?” AND there they launched.

In total, four rings will be inserted into the roscones, all designed by Álvaro Larrosa from Córdoba. There are four, explains Esperanza Romero, one for each Witch King (Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar) and another for El Brillante. All coins are gold, but each will have a precious stone which will be a sapphire, an emerald, a ruby ​​and a brilliant. Roscones that can carry this gift will begin to be sold from January 4.

The investment to be able to introduce these jewels into the roscones is important, but despite this, the workshop hopes to be able to recover it. For the moment, they estimate that if Last year 850 roscones were madethis year it will be possible to reach 2,000.

In addition to the rings, all candies will contain the typical gifts (in addition to the bean) and prices vary depending on size. The one without toppings costs 22 euros and those that do range from 24 euros for the medium, 28 euros for the large and 35 euros for the special, which has between 20 and 24 servings. Cream, mocha, meringue, cream… the filling is to the taste of the consumer.

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