The National Bar Council trusts in PHR to fight discrimination

OBJECTIVE – Reach a new audience

For several years, the National Bar Council (CNB), an institution that represents the 74,000 lawyers active in France, has been organizing anti-discrimination awareness operations. For example, for six years it has organized a “law day” at universities that brings together 500 lawyers before as many classes, for a total audience of about 15,000 students. This year, the chosen topic was harassment and discrimination. The challenge of the different operations launched is twofold, explains Benoît Joxe, communications director of the organization: “It is about making victims aware that they are victims and helping them overcome the difficulty of acting with lawyers, or even reacting to discrimination. » The CNB claims to have a fairly strong digital presence, with 60,000 subscribers on LinkedIn, but “They are essentially legal actors, people who know this issue”, specifies the CNB communication director. The challenge was to reach an audience that remained out of reach through the usual channels.

MEDIA – An insertion in 240 PHR titles

During the last week of June, 240 PHR titles published a National Bar Council insert, most often on the back page. The message invited readers to consult the site for detailed information on discrimination and the means to protect themselves from it or to obtain compensation for harm suffered. A complementary system accompanied this insertion that used radio, repetition, television and the web.

RESULTS – Traffic increased more than 20%

The CNB underlines the unprecedented nature of this campaign. “Being present for the first time in a local media like PHR is a result in itself in terms of visibility”, believes Benoît Joxe. The institution also has greater awareness among the legal profession on these everyday issues. “This campaign made the public, particularly the PHR, aware of the importance of the lawyer in these issues.adds Benoît Joxe. There is not only the lawyer we imagine in the courts, in the courtrooms, There is also the everyday lawyer. » Yes, according to the CNB, the press “allows editorializing” Regarding the elements of the message, what influenced it was above all the granularity of the PHR. “We already launched campaigns in the PQR, but we did not have the same granularity in territorial terms as with the PHRanalyzes Benoît Joxe. In Charente-Maritime, there are five titles of the PHR, more than those of the PQR. The PHR really has a side that is even closer to the territories and the people. » Finally, although the phenomenon is not solely due to the campaign carried out on the PHR, the traffic observed on the site experienced a growth of 22% in June, 39% in July and 34% in August. On average, the site registers between 500,000 and 600,000 visits per month.

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