The jeweler Maty keeps going

The family business has just renovated its store on the Place de l'Opéra and plans to open another 20 throughout France.

Maty has brought the shine back to the listed building of its flagship store, the Place de l'Opéra, in Paris. Twenty years after offering this establishment, the family jeweler, which has 29 other storefronts in France, does not hesitate to invest several million euros in the renovation of its entire network, an operation that should be completed in three years. And, by then, Maty will also have opened 20 more addresses. A truly new beginning for the brand born in 1951 in Besançon and which experienced its heyday in the 1970s and 1980s.

Its turnover, which has been around 100 million euros for more than ten years, is not expected to skyrocket. “It should be kept at the same level,” explains Laurent Maucort, general director of the brand. In fact, we are accelerating the opening of stores, which currently contribute 40% of our sales compared to 25% two years ago, but our strategy is also to reduce, at the same time, the 35% that is still done by mail. , through paper catalogues.

This change is accompanied by an increase in online sales (they already represent 25% of sales). It constitutes a real revolution for Maty. Old-fashioned distance selling has long been at the center of his business model. “Before becoming a well-known jewelry brand, Maty started selling watches and then jewelry only by mail order,” his manager recalls. Maty, was definitely a bit of “La Redoute” of jewelry. “It was not until 1969 that Gérard Mantion, the now deceased founder of Maty, opened his first store at the company's headquarters in Besançon. Then, the network expanded very slowly and was directed much more to provincial urban centers than to Paris,” summarizes Laurent Maucort.

9 carat gold and made in Besançon.

Maty's price positioning has not changed much since its inception: “We have always been concerned with offering a very wide price range, from 100 to 10,000 euros on average,” he emphasizes. But since 2011 we did not hesitate to offer jewelry in 9 carat gold instead of 18 carat, because with the increasing prices of this precious metal, we felt that some customers could not keep up…” A bold step to win. Despite the crisis, Maty, his director assures, has maintained its market share in the jewelry sector in France at 5%. A market share that reaches, he assures, 8% in the alliance segment. Of the 25,000 sold by Maty in 2012, 40% were in 9-carat gold.

Among the most expensive jewelry sold by Maty, some, which represent between 15 and 20% of the total supply, are manufactured in France, in the factory that Gemafi, the brand's parent company, owns in Besançon. It employs 70 people of the 593 that the group employs in France. And this factory also works for famous jewelers on Place Vendôme. They trust Maty's Made in France products. “We are not only going to further reaffirm this made in France, but also reinforce it, manufacturing 100% of our alliances at home this summer,” announces the director.

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