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The price of gold continues to rise: it has registered +75% in five years.
For investors, gold is replacing real estate.
Many French people take advantage of this to sell their jewelry and recover some money.

It is a modern gold digger. At the age of 24, Dylan decided to embark on the search for the most famous precious metal. He is in a specialized agency where he can find where to invest his savings. He plans to invest 1,000 euros. To do this, he has several options at his disposal. Buying gold is a matter of strategy.

The young man chose gold because it can generate great benefits, much more than a traditional savings product. If a year ago you had deposited 10,000 euros in your Livret A, you won 300 euros. The same investment in gold would have brought him 1,070 euros. According to economists, gold is expected to continue rising this year 2024. In an unstable international context, it is a safe investment that is attracting a new clientele.

Very profitable investments

You still have to protect it well. Some agencies offer, for a minimum value of 6,000 euros of gold, to store it in a safe at the price of 65 euros per year. The Banque de France, in Paris, has the largest gold reserve in the country. A quantity of 2,436 tons of ingots are hidden in its basements. This figure is still less than the 3,000 tons that the French as a whole have.

Gold, mainly in the form of jewelry or coins, for individuals. Each deposit is photographed and listed in specific books. But what about all these jewels? They will be recycled at a foundry at an undisclosed location. The precious metal has an important and no less important advantage. It can be recycled infinitely without ever losing its properties.

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