The gold, bullion and jewelry lifeline for investors or people who need liquidity during times of high inflation.

Christmas is a time of lots of spending. Money is needed for almost everything and many people resort to pawning their jewelry at this time of year to get cash quickly, without having to fill out paperwork and without having to give money. 'explanations. A place to pawn jewelry is the Monte de Piedad, an institution with more than 700 years of history, in which the procedure is very simple and includes only four steps: bringing the jewelry to the Monte, where they are valued, the money is received instantly and, finally, the object is taken into custody; It can be retrieved at any time and, after one year, it can be renewed.

“There is no need to be ashamed”

A team from Espejo Público participated in the largest Monte de Piedad in Spain, in Madrid. There, its director Santiago Gil explains to us that “Christmas is the time to use the jewelry we have to make money.” And he adds that at Christmas, there are also people who take advantage of the extra salary to recover their jewelry pawned months ago. “It’s another credit option, there’s no need to be ashamed to come here”Gil tells us.

Investing in gold: a safe haven

If your case is the opposite, you have small savings and you don't know whether to invest or keep them, a very profitable option at the moment is to buy gold. Is it a good time to invest now? The experts' answer is yes. We enter CIODE, it is an investment center in precious metals, and they explain to us that “It’s always a good time to invest in gold”. Maxi, their marketing director, explains to us that “Wherever we go, we can sell our gold and turn it into cash”.

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