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Correct management of household utility payments and knowledge of the different charges and the related elements it contains become very important when we approach the topic of electricity supply.

The total omission or non-compliance with the payment deadline of a electricity bill this can actually trigger a series of unpleasant consequenceswhich could worsen in cases where the non-compliance situation worsens.

Invoice expired, here's what happens: all the steps

There procedure following non-payment of an invoice is precisely defined by the service manager, marking the timetable and actions to be taken to request payment and, ultimately, proceed to suspend the supply.

Initial steps after expiration

In the first days after the invoice is due, generally up to sevenlack of payment has no immediate consequences for the usereven if it is strongly recommended to regularize your situation.

The payment reminder

Once this period has expired, the energy supplier organization or company takes more concrete measures by sending the user a payment reminder. This notice, usually issued within 15 days after the scheduled deadline, in addition to providing all possible payment methods and how to communicate payment, it informs the recipient in detail of the deadline to avoid suspension of supply, as well as the additional costs expected due to the suspension and procedure reactivation of the service.

Power reduction and power interruption

In the event of non-payment even after reminder, the manager generally carries out a reduction of output powerby limiting it to a level allowing the use of low energy consumption devices.

This phase anticipates total interruption of supplywhat usually happens after another 15 days of non-payment.

Reactivation of supply

To reactivate the power supply, the user is required to pay unpaid bills in fullcovering at the same time additional costs and charges related to managing the interruption and reactivation of the service. These costs vary depending on the type of operator and may include fixed and variable rates provided for in the supply contract.

Exceptions to Service Suspension

However, there are some exceptions and the precise circumstances in which the suspension of supply cannot legally be applied:

  • failure to send notifications or reminders;
  • payments already made but not recorded;
  • written complaint sent by the customer;
  • prescription of invoices;
  • emergency or public utility situations.

Particular attention is paid to customers who depend on rescue medical equipmentfor which continuity of supply is guaranteed even in the event of non-compliance.

In conclusion, careful and correct management of energy bill payments is essential to avoid inconvenience or service suspensions. In case of temporary economic difficultyit is always recommended contact your supplier quickly and well before the due date of the invoice, to agree on alternative solutions or a repayment plan with sustainable terms and deadlines.

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