The 5 most visited online courses in France on Coursera

Artificial intelligence, energy transition, responsible entrepreneurship… These are increasingly important topics in which the French want to perfect their knowledge, as shown by the ranking of the most followed courses in France on the Coursera platform. Two of these were designed by French schools: the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) and the HEC. It is still possible to register and follow these “Moocs” for free. They are accessible without any requirement other than curiosity!

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1. How computers learn

It is a science that will gain momentum in the coming years. THE machine learning (or machine learning), this science that allows computers to complete tasks on their own, is the subject of one of theStanford University . It is taught by Andrew Ng, a researcher specializing in robotics and co-founder of Coursera. This course is also the most visited in the world on Coursera.

2. Ecological problems in emerging countries

“Energy transition”, “ecological transition”: these terms are on everyone’s lips. But what about in developing countries? Answer in “Energy/ecological changes in the global south” a course ofFrench Development Agency (AFD) and the École Normale Supérieure (ENS). The focus is on three learning areas: economics, ecology and geopolitics.

3. Deepen your knowledge in deep learning

Another course on artificial intelligence, this time specializing in deep learning (Deep Learning): “Neural Networks and Deep Learning”, also moderated by Andrew Ng. It is very specialized, lasts 16 weeks and is aimed primarily at computer programming connoisseurs.

4. Learn to learn

How does the brain remember information? How can you improve your ability to concentrate? So many questions, the teachersUniversity of San Diego, California through the Mooc “Learning to Learn: Powerful Mental Tools to Help You Master Difficult Subjects” .

5. Go from idea to desire and from desire to action

HEC First in the ranking of business schools, Figaro Étudiant, has joined forces with the association Ticket for change to design the course “Becoming an Entrepreneur of Change”. He is interested in entrepreneurship that “balances both social benefit and economic viability.” The Mooc is aimed at those who want to have a positive impact on society but don't know where to start.

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