The 10 Best GMAT Prep Programs

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a crucial standardized exam for students who wish to pursue higher studies in business, finance, or management. To pass this test, Good preparation is essential. In this article we introduce them The 10 Best GMAT Prep Programs specially designed for students at Grandes Ecoles. Whether you are looking for one Online or in-person preparation, an intensive course or a program adapted to your busy scheduleWe have selected the most effective GMAT preparation that will help you achieve exceptional GMAT scores.

The need for GMAT preparation for Grandes Écoles students

Students of the Grandes Écoles often have ambitious goals for their professional career. To gain access to the best MBA programs and prestigious career opportunities, A high GMAT score is often a requirement. GMAT preparation programs designed specifically for Grandes Écoles students offer distinct advantages that meet the unique needs of this group of students. These programs include targeted strategies, detailed reporting on exam sections and familiarity with the most common types of questions. They are designed to maximize student performance and give them a head start in their academic and professional careers.

The 10 Best GMAT Prep Programs for Students

  • Kaplan/Manhattan Prep: Manhattan partially joined Kaplan when Kaplan's parent company, Berkshire Hathaway, purchased Manhattan Prep in 2010. Since then, Manhattan Prep has slowly moved closer to Manhattan. Manhattan is known for its high-quality resources and expertise in GMAT preparation. Their program includes online courses, books, practice tests, and additional resources. Online courses offer maximum flexibility for busy students, and Manhattan Prep's experienced tutors will guide you through the intricacies of the exam and help you maximize your score.

    Face-to-face courses in Paris: NO
    Online course: Yes
    Cost : $1599 for 27 hour group lessons and €225 per hour to purchase 30 hours of private lessons

  • Test preparation page
    Site Test Prep uses materials from Kaplan, one of the world's leading providers of standardized test preparation. Their GMAT prep program offers a combination of classes, study materials, and online resources. With qualified instructors and interactive lessons, Kaplan offers you the opportunity to improve your problem-solving skills and strengthen your understanding of key GMAT concepts. However, they do not employ Kaplan certified teachers.

    Face-to-face courses in Paris: Yes
    Online course: Yes
    Cost : €1150 for 27 hours of group lessons and €105 per hour to purchase 30 hours of private lessons

  • Target test preparation
    Target Test Prep specializes in math-specific GMAT preparation. Your program focuses on key mathematical concepts that appear frequently on the exam. With detailed lessons, practice problems, and math-specific practice tests, Target Test Prep is an ideal choice for students who want to strengthen their math skills to score well on the GMAT.

    Face-to-face courses in Paris: NO
    Online course: Yes
    Cost : $499 for access to the online course for six months

  • Advance payment
    Prepaya is a preparatory institute known for its personal approach and commitment to student success. Your private GMAT lessons are tailored to each student's individual needs. Prepaya teachers are English and math teachers. Their comprehensive educational resources include hands-on exercises, exam simulations, and personalized monitoring to ensure continued progress. When you choose Prepaya, you benefit from individual attention and personalized support to improve your skills and maximize your GMAT score.

    Face-to-face courses in Paris: Yes
    Online course: Yes
    Cost : 2900€

  • TagMajor
    TageMajor is a GMAT preparation institute that specializes in management and business administration. Their courses and programs are designed to help students familiarize themselves with the specific requirements of the GMAT exam and develop the skills necessary for success. TageMajor offers face-to-face and online courses led by experienced teachers. Your resources include practical exercises, correction sessions and intensive preparation sessions. By participating in the TageMajor programs, Grandes Écoles students benefit from specialized preparation that focuses on the skills required for the GMAT.
    Face-to-face courses in Paris: Yes
    Online course: NO
    Cost : €1090 for face-to-face group lessons or €440 for 5 hours of private lessons
  • Manhattan Review
    Manhattan Review endorses GMAT prep courses in several cities around the world. Your experienced lecturers offer high-quality teaching and provide effective strategies for completing each section of the exam. Their comprehensive resources include textbooks, practice tests, and online access to additional materials.

    Face-to-face courses in Paris: Yes
    Online course: Yes
    Cost : €1590 for 28 hours of group lessons and €132 per hour to purchase 12 hours of private lessons

  • Magoosh
    Magoosh offers an online GMAT prep program that is perfect for students with busy schedules. Their interactive platform allows you to learn at your own pace and focus on the areas you need to improve most. Magoosh also offers a convenient mobile app for learning on the go. Their affordable approach makes them an excellent choice for students on a budget.

    Face-to-face courses in Paris: NO
    Online course: yes, but no private lessons
    Cost : $249 for video lessons, practice questions, and practice tests

  • PrepScholar
    PrepScholar offers an online GMAT preparation program that stands out for its personalized approach. Their adaptive lessons and practice tests help you identify your weaknesses and improve your performance. Your teachers are available to answer your questions and provide valuable advice. PrepScholar also offers a money-back guarantee if you are unable to increase your score.

    Face-to-face courses in Paris: NO
    Online course: Yes
    Cost : $779 for access to the online course for six months + 10 hours of online private lessons

  • ExamPAL
    ExamPAL stands out for its innovative approach to GMAT preparation. Her method focuses on the logical principles behind each question and teaches you to solve problems intuitively. Their program includes interactive lessons, practice tests, and personalized monitoring. If you prefer an unconventional approach to preparing for the GMAT, ExamPAL may be the best option for you.

    Face-to-face courses in Paris:
    Online course: Yes
    Cost : Starting at $399 to access the online course

The benefits of GMAT preparation specifically for Grandes Écoles

College students have unique needs and expectations when it comes to preparing for the GMAT. Here are some of the unique benefits that GMAT prep programs offer specifically for students:

  • Adaptation to academic requirements : GMAT preparation programs for students are designed to take into account the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies. These programs focus on key concepts and skills needed to pass the GMAT while emphasizing practical applications in business.

  • Targeted strategies for specific sections : They provide specific strategies for tackling each section of the exam. Whether you want to solve complex math problems, read and understand academic texts quickly, or write analytical essays, these programs offer valuable tips and techniques to maximize performance on every phase of the GMAT.

  • Access to specialized resources : Students can benefit from access to specialized resources tailored specifically to their needs. This can include detailed preparation guides, additional practice tests and case studies tailored to the business world. These additional resources enable comprehensive and in-depth preparation for the GMAT.

  • Interaction with other ambitious candidates : GMAT prep programs specifically for large schools often bring together students who have the same goals and ambitions. Interacting with other ambitious candidates creates a stimulating environment in which students can help each other, exchange ideas and motivate each other. It also promotes building valuable networks that can be useful throughout your career.

  • Orientation towards leading MBA programs : GMAT prep programs for college students often have partnerships or affiliations with reputable higher education institutions that offer top MBA programs. These preparation programs can provide valuable information and advice about admission to MBA programs, including specific admissions criteria, selection processes, and skills sought by top business schools.

By choosing a GMAT prep program designed specifically for top schools, students can take advantage of these unique advantages to prepare effectively and maximize their chances of success on the exam. Special preparation tailored to the specific needs of college students can make all the difference in achieving high scores and opening doors to exceptional academic and career opportunities.

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