Teacher training: the unknown of the “ad hoc course” announced by Emmanuel Macron.

Will teacher training be reformed again? The decision will be recorded “Take responsibility” The subject, in the words of Emmanuel Macron before the rectors gathered at the Sorbonne on Thursday, August 25. This, in his opinion, requires the invention of a “Ad hoc route” to train young high school graduates for the profession. At his back-to-school press conference on Friday, August 26, the Minister of National Education remained enigmatic on the subject. He also announced the organization of an exceptional competition to recruit contract workers in spring 2023.

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“We are not questioning the master’s degree, but we are thinking about the process of selecting and training future teachers, which does not necessarily include a selection exam at the Bac + 5 level.”declared Pap Ndiaye, denying that he wanted to reverse one of the most important reforms implemented during Nicolas Sarkozy’s five years in office. Conceived in 2010 to raise the level of qualifications, “mastering” – the requirement of a master’s degree to pass the recruitment competitions for primary and secondary school teachers – had disrupted the pattern of the “Bac + 3” competitive examination in place since 1990.

If we look further back in time, future teachers sometimes did not yet have a high school diploma when they came up with the idea of ​​teaching school children: “Until 1969, we went to a normal school after the third gradeefor four years of training. After this date, employment took place after graduation, followed by two years of vocational training at a normal school.recalls former rector Alain Boissinot.

“Attitude towards bac+5 is socially unfair”

THE “Ad hoc route” Would it revive practices buried in 1989 by the orientation law of Lionel Jospin, architect of the unification of the training of first and second level teachers? This is what Pap Ndiaye suggested during his hearing before the Committee on Cultural Affairs and Education of the National Assembly on August 2.

Aiming to stimulate reflection on recruitment and revive a certain “first degree culture”, The Minister introduced the debate: “Is it absolutely necessary to hire teachers from bachelor and master schools? » “Mastery is a matter of course”, he continued. But “The attitude towards bac + 5 is socially unfair because you have to be able to do these courses, while school education is an opportunity for social advancement for those who come from the working class.”.

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