10 Jewelry Brands to Have Under Your Radar for Valentine's Day

10 Jewelry Brands to Have Under Your Radar for Valentine's Day

The most romantic time of the year is approaching and we know that giving a jewel for that special someone, it’s a sure hit. But, What are the best jewelry brands right now for success? We have the answer and we present to you the definitive guide to the best jewelry brands for success or pleasure on this important day.


Founded in 2014, PdPaola positions itself as one of the favorite jewelry brands millenniumYes both for its designs and for its quality. Additionally, you have the option to personalize your jewelry so that it becomes a unique gift.

Customizable memory bracelet

L'absolu necklace with customizable heart pendant

Halo earrings with semi-precious stones


The universe of Pandora relies on impeccable work know-how that guarantees a firm commitment to reducing the carbon footprint without giving up excellence in its finishes.

Knotted Heart Ring

Pendant and earrings set

Disney x Pandora bracelet and charm set

Tiffany & co.

Created in New York in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and with an international presence, Tiffany & co. It is one of the most iconic and sought-after brands. Without a doubt, a gem for life.

Tiffany Blue Pendant Two Customizable Badge

Double Heart Lovers Ring

Heart and arrow earrings

Poppy brooch in sterling silver and silk beach


With a history of over a century and of Spanish origin, Ours It has established itself as another of the best jewelry brands to invest in to make your partner fall in love (even more). Combining luxury and accessibility in an infallible way.

Silver earrings with sapphire and pearl hearts

Rose vermeil silver bracelet with pearl

White gold ring with diamond heart

Rose vermeil, spinel and treated ruby ​​silver necklace with heart motif

Studio Suot

In order to excite through his pieces, Studio Suot offers jewelry based on delicacy, respect for craftsmanship, tradition and personal transformation through materials such as sterling silver, recycled pearls or synthetic diamonds. In addition, it offers you the possibility of create your own creations combining their charms to give birth to unique creations.

Sterling silver choker with ring

Marta Vaquerizo Jewelry

This jewelry brand born from passion for the profession perfectly combines jewelry making and fine jewelry offering a quality result.

Marta Vaquerizo earrings

Marta Vaquerizo Necklace


Founded in 1884 and known throughout the world for his great capacity for reinvention, Bulgari continually pushes the boundaries of innovation by offering jewelry made with the best materials with designs with a completely avant-garde vision without losing its essence. Besides, his ethical, social and environmental commitment in the manufacturing of its pieces makes it the perfect gift for a unique person.


The jewelry brand of Spanish origin, Rabatoffers a wide variety of collections made in an artisanal manner with the best materials (diamonds, emeralds, opals…) which can be worn daily. Eventually, a jewel forever which will be passed down from generation to generation.

Diamond and White Gold Diamond Flap Bracelet

Rabat diamond earrings

Star necklace

Spiral ring with diamonds and colored gemstones


The jewelry company Child provides a life journey from your childhood to your maturity through her personal pieces inspired by nature, animals, family or love.

Bracelet for him and her


Its 176 years of history guarantee Cartier as one of the most exceptional luxury jewelry brands in the world. Centered on enrichment across different cultures to elevate the beauty of jewelry to its highest expression offering the best quality.


Innovation, design and elegance are the maximums of Duran, which creates jewelry from the best materials in an artisanal way. Moreover, it is more than 130 years of experience They position the company as a reference in the Spanish jewelry sector.

Earrings with colored sapphires

Van Cleef

Created in 1906, Van Cleef was inspired by different cultures, forms and artistic movements throughout its history. His creativity and mastery in creating unique pieces make Van Cleef one of the most appreciated jewelry houses.

Sweet Alhambra earrings

Frivole bracelet 5 flowers

Valentine's Day 2024: the definitive gift guide

Nerina Bijoux, the online fashion jewelry store

Nerina Bijoux, the online fashion jewelry store

Posted on July 23, 2021

Updated July 23, 2021

Quality French jewelry.

It was in Capbreton, among the noise of the boats and the ocean, where the Nerina Bijoux brand was born. This small company is committed to offering quality jewelry, especially French-made. While some of the collection is carefully chosen from a selection of French jewellery, the brand also makes its own pieces in its Capbreton workshop.

In this creative mini-hive of the Landes, artisans cut, assemble, polish or hammer necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even pretty rings with fine details.

This blue, white and red production is the guarantee of a short circuit, with a more environmentally friendly production, but also with quality know-how for each of the “in-house” creations.

Carved in gold plating, they are covered with 18k gold over 3 microns and a layer of fine 24k gold for a shiny finish. For those who prefer the uniqueness of silver, there is also a collection made of solid 925 silver, coated with a thin layer of rhodium to prevent oxidation and guarantee shine.

A collection that follows trends

Jewelry is no longer just a simple accessory, it is now an integral part of our everyday silhouettes. Among the essential pieces that we like to wear and accumulate we find the choker necklace, also called “choker”. This fashion essential is positioned as our summer's favorite accessory. At Nerina Bijoux we find it discreet with small silver balls, almost invisible in zirconium oxide rhinestones on nylon thread or even with gold-plated tassels.

Under an open black blazer or a dress with a plunging neckline, you can opt for a thin model to wear alone or let yourself be tempted by an accumulation of several models of different lengths.

A little extra Nerina Bijoux: Most chokers have an adjustment chain to adjust your necklace from 38 to 42 cm depending on the size of your neck and your desire at the moment.

Jewelry delivered to your home at discounted prices.

If the Landaise brand offers quality jewelry at reasonable prices, it is because it has chosen to distribute its products online through a specific site. Therefore, you will be able to find your selection of quality jewelry 20 to 30% cheaper than in a traditional jewelry store. But Nerina Bijoux doesn't ignore 5-star service! Fast shipping (within 24 hours), free delivery (via green letter with tracking) or even an attentive and ultra-efficient customer service to offer you maintenance advice, advise you on the size of your ring or even guide you for a gift idea.

And thanks to online sales, Nerina Bijoux is always at your disposal, on your computer, tablet or mobile phone!

And if you're looking for an idea to match your jewelry or please someone close to you, check out the brand's new Instagram account!

These 12 Ultra Popular and Affordable Jewelry Brands You Need to Know in 2021

These 12 Ultra Popular and Affordable Jewelry Brands You Need to Know in 2021

Posted on March 9, 2021

Updated September 19, 2023

Embroidered, delicate, colorful, recycled, regressive, feminine, accumulatebaroque, XXL… Because jewelry continues to reinvent itself to mark our looks with style and brands do not lack creativity to embrace the jewelry trends of 2021, discover these 1 2 trendy and trendy jewelry brands and above all affordableto cover yourself with a gold plating without spending a lot of money.

These 12 affordable jewelry brands that will succeed in 2021

In 2021, the jewelry trend It is more than ever about stacking – which consists of accumulating the pieces themselves – that is why we do not hesitate to mix styles by stacking our jewelry as happens with the baroque pieces from Bonanza, the upcycled Kitesy Martin jewelry, embroidered amulets from Camille Enrico, colorful rings from La Manso or charms from Luj Paris. Child's play with these 12 fashion jewelry brands at low prices.

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