School insurance and guarantee of personal items.

School insurance and guarantee of personal items.

During compulsory and optional school activities, school insurance covers children in case of damage caused or suffered, but also insures certain personal belongings.

School insurance coverage

Extracurricular insurance includes different guarantees that cover children during their school and extracurricular activities. Civil liability compensates victims for damage caused by the child, while individual accident coverage covers costs arising from an accident or damage suffered by the insured. In fact, this ensures reimbursement of hospitalization costs, medical costs, search and rescue, and other expenses incurred by the accident.

School insurance generally offers other guarantees, such as compensation for personal items stolen or damaged within the school and extracurricular context.

Items covered by school insurance

Coverage for personal items varies from one school insurance contract to another. Therefore, it is important to read it before making your choice. Some contracts compensate:

– all personal effects (bicycle, clothing, musical instruments, school supplies, etc.) damaged in an accident that occurred during a school activity,

– Identity documents and keys in case of extortion or assault on the insured within the establishment's facilities or on the way from school to their home.

Annotate: Although school insurance is only mandatory for optional activities, this type of guarantee can also cover damage and theft that occurs during school activities.

Compensation in case of breakage or theft

To receive compensation, the parents of the insured must inform their insurance company of the theft or breakage of personal items. In fact, they must attach to their letter an accident certificate signed by the school director, a copy of the insurance certificate, the child's contact information and an invoice for the expenses to be reimbursed.

In the event of assault and theft of keys or identity documents, a report must also be submitted, as well as quotes indicating the cost of their replacement.

For the preparation of the file, the legal representative of the insured undertakes to provide all the information and documents that allow the guarantees of the school insurance to be verified and the amount of compensation to be calculated. Finally, he must inform his insurer of the names of the other companies involved in compensating for this damage.

Good to know: The insured must be in possession of proof of purchase in order to be reimbursed.

To better understand the provisions of a school insurance contract and ensure you choose the contract that best suits your situation, the help of a broker can be invaluable.

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