By halftime, around 21,000 signatures had been received for the popular proposal for five days of educational leave per year in Saxony. This means that a good half of the required number has been reached. “The first blooms herald spring. At the beginning of March, we call for the next campaign period. “We want to focus on women and their achievements on Women's Day,” explained Daniela Kolbe, vice-president of the Council. German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), Friday in Dresden. While men are increasingly taking “up-skill training” and working on their careers, women overall are participating in “up-skill training” more often. “But the training needs are much more comprehensive. This is also why there must be a right to paid leave for continuing education in Saxony.”

The popular proposal to introduce five days of educational leave is supported by an alliance, the DGB Saxony was founded and includes more than 60 organizations. The campaign began at the end of summer 2023. If 40,000 signatures are collected, the application can be submitted to the President of the State Parliament and checked for admissibility. Then it is submitted to Parliament for discussion and decision-making. If MPs reject the bill, candidates can launch a referendum. This requires at least 450,000 signatures within six months. If successful, there will be a referendum.

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