In Argentina in recession, the sacrifice of family jewels: News – Orange

In Argentina in recession, the sacrifice of family jewels: News - Orange

In an Argentina in recession, with anemic activity, a business flourishes: the sale of the grandfather's watch or the great-grandmother's wedding ring. A liquidation of family jewels that is increasingly necessary to make ends meet.

“When debts suffocate you, affection is put aside,” says Mariana, in a pawn shop in the Once commercial district, who does not want to mention the amount received in exchange for her watch, a gift from her grandfather-father. her father for her graduation.

Mariana, who does not want to give her name, confesses to AFP that, at 63 years old, her retirement as an employee of the judicial administration is no longer enough to cover her expenses, in a context of inflation of 72% since the beginning of the year and 276% in twelve months.

The money from the watch, he explains, will be used to pay “current expenses and various arrears of the mutual health insurance company.”

At noon, at an intersection on Once, the contrast is striking: a shoe store is empty, while the waiting rooms of the jewelry stores are full. “We buy gold,” their signs say, in big gold letters.

– Three times more transactions –

In “El Tasador”, one of the best known, a dozen clients wait in a vaguely Art Deco room.

If the evaluation is conclusive, they will leave “on the spot” (immediately), with the value of their jewelry in cash, promises the store, which in 50 years of business prides itself on guaranteeing “privacy and security” to its customers. -Increasing number of clients.

Currently, El Tasador carries out around 300 transactions daily, three times more than last year.

“Recently there have been a lot of people, I think because of what the country is going through. People who had pieces that perhaps they had not planned to sell, but decided to do so, because they could no longer make ends meet,” Natalia, one of the four experts at the store, who does not give her name, told AFP. “for security reasons”.

“We increased capacity and hours, because people were crowding and we couldn't keep up,” he adds.

This trend is driven by television programs or videos on YouTube, with evocative names – “The value of your dreams” – halfway between reality shows and promotional clips.

But, above all, it is the melting of purchasing power, strangled by chronic inflation and a brutal devaluation of the peso in December, which has pushed some Argentines in recent months to empty their savings hidden “under the mattress,” according to one popular expression. . And now, to liquidate your jewelry.

– A bitter “golden age” –

“The situation is complicated, life in Argentina is very expensive,” complains Daniel, a 56-year-old unemployed accountant, who visits the most modest stores to sell a small silver keychain. He is horrified that they offer him barely more than a metro ticket (60 euro cents).

The peak of resales, “is the end of the month, the time of billing,” says Carlos, manager of a jewelry store, also on condition of anonymity.

“The classic is the wedding ring, but they also bring Victorian jewelry, from the Belle Époque, from grandparents or great-great-grandparents, unique pieces,” says Natalia.

Despite poverty that officially affects 42% of the population, it is not uncommon in Argentina for modest households to own gold jewelry.

“In the 70s, more and more people had access to gold, anyone could wear a ring, men could wear gold cufflinks or tie pins, girls received a gold watch at the age of 15,” recalls the evaluator.

For a long time now we no longer wear this jewelry on the street, for safety reasons. On the other hand, they sell.

“Gold has always been sold, reflects Natalia. What has changed is the 'why'. Before it was to finance a project, a renovation, a car, a party… Today “it's because I can't.” over the months+, +bills have increased+ or +I find myself out of work+”.

Watches, jewelry… The best gift ideas for a magical Christmas with Histoire d'Or

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Jewelry gifts are a guaranteed success

Jewelry gifts are a guaranteed success

Jewelry gifts are a guaranteed success

Jewelry stores in the Caudal and Nalón regions, associated with the Guild of Jewelers and Watchmakers of Asturias, including Dimas, Miguel and La Perla in Mieres, Alquimia in Pola de Laviana, Cholo and Mónica Alvarez in El Entrego, Maximino in Sama and Felgueroso in Sama and La Felguera, present these days in their windows the latest trends and creations in jewelry to offer to mothers next Sunday.

The jewelry presented at the last shows, very attractive pieces, with varied designs, are already in jewelry stores and undoubtedly constitute a complete success to give as a gift next Sunday. Fashion and style in jewelry have very suggestive ideas to offer to mothers, regardless of their age, since each piece has its originality and testifies to the affection and dedication of children for mothers who support family life. Mothers deserve everything and this must always be reflected every day of the year and especially on the first Sunday in May, a day of homage to mothers.

Finding the right gift, in the selection of jewelry that the professionals of the Caudal and Nalón jewelry stores have in their establishments, is easy. The options are numerous: necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings and other pieces in gold and silver with current designs complemented by precious or semi-precious stones. Jewelry, which has value in itself, is the ideal detail to dress for work, at a family or social party, or on the street. A piece of jewelry gives an elegant touch at any time and in any situation.

Before next Sunday, Mother's Day, the best option to give the gift well is to see the windows of the jewelry stores or enter the establishments where you will find advice, opinions and the appropriate suggestion, since the jewelry stores in the mining regions They are attended by professionals with extensive experience and many years of exemplary activity. Because of their love and dedication towards family, mothers are a gem and remembering them on this day with a piece of jewelry is a memory that will always have great value.

10 Jewelry Brands to Have Under Your Radar for Valentine's Day

10 Jewelry Brands to Have Under Your Radar for Valentine's Day

The most romantic time of the year is approaching and we know that giving a jewel for that special someone, it’s a sure hit. But, What are the best jewelry brands right now for success? We have the answer and we present to you the definitive guide to the best jewelry brands for success or pleasure on this important day.


Founded in 2014, PdPaola positions itself as one of the favorite jewelry brands millenniumYes both for its designs and for its quality. Additionally, you have the option to personalize your jewelry so that it becomes a unique gift.

Customizable memory bracelet

L'absolu necklace with customizable heart pendant

Halo earrings with semi-precious stones


The universe of Pandora relies on impeccable work know-how that guarantees a firm commitment to reducing the carbon footprint without giving up excellence in its finishes.

Knotted Heart Ring

Pendant and earrings set

Disney x Pandora bracelet and charm set

Tiffany & co.

Created in New York in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and with an international presence, Tiffany & co. It is one of the most iconic and sought-after brands. Without a doubt, a gem for life.

Tiffany Blue Pendant Two Customizable Badge

Double Heart Lovers Ring

Heart and arrow earrings

Poppy brooch in sterling silver and silk beach


With a history of over a century and of Spanish origin, Ours It has established itself as another of the best jewelry brands to invest in to make your partner fall in love (even more). Combining luxury and accessibility in an infallible way.

Silver earrings with sapphire and pearl hearts

Rose vermeil silver bracelet with pearl

White gold ring with diamond heart

Rose vermeil, spinel and treated ruby ​​silver necklace with heart motif

Studio Suot

In order to excite through his pieces, Studio Suot offers jewelry based on delicacy, respect for craftsmanship, tradition and personal transformation through materials such as sterling silver, recycled pearls or synthetic diamonds. In addition, it offers you the possibility of create your own creations combining their charms to give birth to unique creations.

Sterling silver choker with ring

Marta Vaquerizo Jewelry

This jewelry brand born from passion for the profession perfectly combines jewelry making and fine jewelry offering a quality result.

Marta Vaquerizo earrings

Marta Vaquerizo Necklace


Founded in 1884 and known throughout the world for his great capacity for reinvention, Bulgari continually pushes the boundaries of innovation by offering jewelry made with the best materials with designs with a completely avant-garde vision without losing its essence. Besides, his ethical, social and environmental commitment in the manufacturing of its pieces makes it the perfect gift for a unique person.


The jewelry brand of Spanish origin, Rabatoffers a wide variety of collections made in an artisanal manner with the best materials (diamonds, emeralds, opals…) which can be worn daily. Eventually, a jewel forever which will be passed down from generation to generation.

Diamond and White Gold Diamond Flap Bracelet

Rabat diamond earrings

Star necklace

Spiral ring with diamonds and colored gemstones


The jewelry company Child provides a life journey from your childhood to your maturity through her personal pieces inspired by nature, animals, family or love.

Bracelet for him and her


Its 176 years of history guarantee Cartier as one of the most exceptional luxury jewelry brands in the world. Centered on enrichment across different cultures to elevate the beauty of jewelry to its highest expression offering the best quality.


Innovation, design and elegance are the maximums of Duran, which creates jewelry from the best materials in an artisanal way. Moreover, it is more than 130 years of experience They position the company as a reference in the Spanish jewelry sector.

Earrings with colored sapphires

Van Cleef

Created in 1906, Van Cleef was inspired by different cultures, forms and artistic movements throughout its history. His creativity and mastery in creating unique pieces make Van Cleef one of the most appreciated jewelry houses.

Sweet Alhambra earrings

Frivole bracelet 5 flowers

Valentine's Day 2024: the definitive gift guide

A police officer from a city in Seville is convicted of trying to defraud insurance with theft of fake jewelry

A police officer from a city in Seville is convicted of attempted insurance fraud with the theft of fake jewelry

What are the chances that someone would have two diamonds stolen in two separate thefts, carried out just two years apart and committed in the same house? This is the question that hangs over a curious case recently judged in Criminal court number 12 of Seville and which resulted in the sentencing to four months in prison of a local police officer from El Viso del Alcor who had judged cheat on insurance with an alleged theft of jewelry, worth almost 100,000 euros. To this day, this municipal officer is still active and was not separated of the service. Judicial sources confirmed that he had appealed the decision.

The sentence handed down, provided by the TSJA communications office to ABC, details how Juan Francisco RP reported on May 17, 2019 that someone had entered his home the previous night, taking advantage of the fact that he had gone out with his wife to Fair of. The Alcor Viso. According to this complaint, which the Court considers to be false, the thieves had broken into a safe in the living room and had seized a fairly large haul of jewelry consisting of a rolex, a gold watch from the exclusive brand Breitlinga 1.20 carat diamond, three sets of earrings beads, gold and diamonds and several other gold pieces like a pallium embroidered with a virgin. The local police reported to their home insurance that the total amount stolen was estimated at 99,841.38 euros.

It happens, as detailed in the sentence in the proven facts chapter, that this same person had reported two years earlier, more precisely on June 25, 2016, that his house had been burglarized. And this first time, the thieves hit the target again because they took one diamond after another. break a safedifferent from the one that would have been manipulated in 2019. The agent then obtained compensation of 60,000 euros from his insurance company.

In 2017, when a year had passed since this first flight, he signed a home insurance policy with another insurer. But as the legal proceedings show, he did not withdraw as a client of the previous one, the one who had compensated him. That is, from 2017 to 2019, when the second strange theft occurred, he was paying for two similar insurance policies.

When the company that received the 2019 theft report learned that its client had already suffered a very similar theft a few years before and that he had managed to recover his insurance, it entrusted the file to the Civil Guard and to A private detective because the affair smelled bad to him.

When the alleged theft occurs, the convict goes to his colleagues in the Local Police to inspect the house, even though they had no means and said nothing to the Civil Guard.

There Criminal Judge 12 concluded after the hearing that there is sufficient evidence “which allows us to affirm, without doubt”, that the accused attempted to commit fraud. In addition to the coincidences between the two flights, the sentence specifies how, when filing the complaint second complaintwent to his colleagues from the Local Police to analyze the house “and the Civil Guard was not informed to carry out a more exhaustive inspection” despite the fact that this organization had the means to carry out this work. Scientific police.

“Although he was a local police officer and directly harmed by the criminal act, the accused appeared to have no interest in investigating the facts,” details the sentence. When the Armed Institute took over the investigation following the insurance company's complaint, it found that Eye inspection which took place in the convict's house presented irregularities that Benemérita agents confirmed at trial. “They did not even take photographs of anything they observed, and the accused was satisfied with that despite the value of what was allegedly stolen. For the amount of theft and be in inhabited house There was an obligation to report to the Civil Guard. But this was not done,” said the judge.

No papers and a fake invoice

The convict's companions who had been noticed also testified at the hearing and justified not having called the Armed Institute “because they never had vehicles and it took a long time to arrive.” An answer which did not convince the judge.

Others two clues What led to a conviction was that, despite a grand theft in 2016, the police officer failed to increase security measures at his home. I haven't installed one alarm. And on the other hand, when it came to justifying the jewels that the thieves had taken away, he only gave one “clearly false invoice“that a friend made for him on one of the stolen watches. This person testified at trial and admitted to providing this service because he was a good customer.

The now convicted man also failed to provide any documentation of the most valuable piece, the diamond. The convict claimed at trial that he had bought it from one of his uncles who was going through a bad time. “There was not even a receipt,” underlines the judge about a transaction worth thousands of euros.

This local police officer from El Viso denied the prosecutor's accusation and insisted during his statement at the hearing that he had once again been the victim of a theft.

The jeweler Maty keeps going

The jeweler Maty keeps going

The family business has just renovated its store on the Place de l'Opéra and plans to open another 20 throughout France.

Maty has brought the shine back to the listed building of its flagship store, the Place de l'Opéra, in Paris. Twenty years after offering this establishment, the family jeweler, which has 29 other storefronts in France, does not hesitate to invest several million euros in the renovation of its entire network, an operation that should be completed in three years. And, by then, Maty will also have opened 20 more addresses. A truly new beginning for the brand born in 1951 in Besançon and which experienced its heyday in the 1970s and 1980s.

Its turnover, which has been around 100 million euros for more than ten years, is not expected to skyrocket. “It should be kept at the same level,” explains Laurent Maucort, general director of the brand. In fact, we are accelerating the opening of stores, which currently contribute 40% of our sales compared to 25% two years ago, but our strategy is also to reduce, at the same time, the 35% that is still done by mail. , through paper catalogues.

This change is accompanied by an increase in online sales (they already represent 25% of sales). It constitutes a real revolution for Maty. Old-fashioned distance selling has long been at the center of his business model. “Before becoming a well-known jewelry brand, Maty started selling watches and then jewelry only by mail order,” his manager recalls. Maty, was definitely a bit of “La Redoute” of jewelry. “It was not until 1969 that Gérard Mantion, the now deceased founder of Maty, opened his first store at the company's headquarters in Besançon. Then, the network expanded very slowly and was directed much more to provincial urban centers than to Paris,” summarizes Laurent Maucort.

9 carat gold and made in Besançon.

Maty's price positioning has not changed much since its inception: “We have always been concerned with offering a very wide price range, from 100 to 10,000 euros on average,” he emphasizes. But since 2011 we did not hesitate to offer jewelry in 9 carat gold instead of 18 carat, because with the increasing prices of this precious metal, we felt that some customers could not keep up…” A bold step to win. Despite the crisis, Maty, his director assures, has maintained its market share in the jewelry sector in France at 5%. A market share that reaches, he assures, 8% in the alliance segment. Of the 25,000 sold by Maty in 2012, 40% were in 9-carat gold.

Among the most expensive jewelry sold by Maty, some, which represent between 15 and 20% of the total supply, are manufactured in France, in the factory that Gemafi, the brand's parent company, owns in Besançon. It employs 70 people of the 593 that the group employs in France. And this factory also works for famous jewelers on Place Vendôme. They trust Maty's Made in France products. “We are not only going to further reaffirm this made in France, but also reinforce it, manufacturing 100% of our alliances at home this summer,” announces the director.

Six months later, stolen jewels come back to life

Six months later, stolen jewels come back to life

“It was like a part of us was gone. » When two criminals robbed the De Thoury – Le Bec jewelry store on Saturday, February 11, they didn't just take objects. But creations. Because most of the pieces presented in the showcase are made in the workshop.

90 % of the shares had been stolen. Six months later, “We can say that the activity has had a very good start, book Jean-Louis Le Bec, 56 years old, the owner. But at first we were a little scared. » The professional did not find it too difficult to replenish his gold reserve.

For precious stones, “It was more complicated, longer”. Manufacturers have saved some gems while production restarts. And may the spirits find a little serenity : “Creating through pain is not easy. »

Visits, letters, phone calls: there have been numerous expressions of sympathy from clients and colleagues. “We know that certain clients have come especially to place orders to make us work. »

“It was difficult”

Insurance side? “Agents, experts… Everyone was fast, efficient and very understanding. » The insurance premiums paid by jewelry stores are usually expensive. In the De Thoury – Le Bec case the full value of the raw materials was reimbursed. Although this does not compensate for the hours of modeling required for an original ring or earrings.

“We had to work three times as hard to replenish our collection.breathes Jean-Louis Le Bec. It was difficult for us and the staff. » His wife and an employee are still on sick leave.

“We hope it doesn't happen again.”trusts the artisan, who has reinforced the security of an already very protected business. “We also review the organization of personnel and their training. » The jeweler and the six people who work alongside him are now working to imagine new collections for the end of the year.

Histoire d'Or acquires 31 Piery jewelry stores

Histoire d'Or acquires 31 Piery jewelry stores

French leader Thom Europe, also owner of Marc Orian and Trésor, is expanding its network in the Southeast.

The jeweler-watchmaker Thom Europe gains volume. Specializing in the sale of jewelry in shopping center boutiques, the owner of Histoire d'Or (more than 300 stores), Marc Orian and Trésor, who each have nearly a hundred points of sale, have just purchased 31 jewelry stores in the Piery network. , a brand born in 1930 that also made its home in shopping centers.

Piery has around fifty establishments whose declared turnover reached 36 million euros last year. Thom Europe, however, will not take over all brands. “Piery wanted to keep around twenty stores, mainly in Rhône-Alpes,” explains Éric Belmonte, general director of Thom Europe, owned by the Bridgepoint and Apax Partners funds. The stores we are buying, mainly in the Southeast, will be renamed in September Histoire d'Or, Marc Orian or Trésor, depending on their location, to densify the group's presence. In addition, we are integrating a dozen stores that are located in places where we were absent.

The leading player in the market.

Born in 2011 from the merger between Histoire d'Or and Marc Orian, Thom Europe, which has a 7.5% share of the national jewelry and watch market, believes it has reached a milestone. “The group, which has 2,700 employees, emerged from this merger stage with a strengthened position and solid commercial and financial performance. We can continue with proactive development in France and Europe,” continues the head of the group, also present in Belgium, Portugal and Italy.

For two years now, the jewelry market (excluding watches) has stagnated in shopping malls. According to the professional committee of Francessentiel, after a year 2013 equal to the year 2012, the year 2014, in the first five months of the year, marks a slight decrease of 1% in shopping centers compared to the same period last year.

In this context, sales in terms of value for the sector (all points of sale combined) show an overall drop of 4%. A context in which Thom Europe is proud to go against the grain, claiming “2.9% growth in 2013”.

In a very fragmented sector (9,000 points of sale), where independent boutiques continue to be the majority, Thom Europe, the leading player in the market ahead of the Synalia cooperative group (Le Guilde des Orfèvres, Julien D'Orcel), today weighs 450 million euros of turnover in a watch and jewelry market whose value amounts to about 5 billion euros.

How to Clean Jewelry: The Two Household Products You Can Use to Prevent It From Rusting | The truth

How to Clean Jewelry: The Two Household Products You Can Use to Prevent It From Rusting |  The truth

Sunday March 19, 2023, 12:18 p.m.

If you have jewelry at home, you have surely seen how your earrings, rings or necklaces have started to turn black and lose their natural shine. This is the main disadvantage of these cheaper materials. Upon contact with water, the gold or silver plated layer that covers the steel or iron is lost, causing it to oxidize. Although costume jewelry is less durable than jewelry, you can use several products you probably have at home to protect your accessories.

Tips for cleaning your rings, necklaces or earrings

If your rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants have already oxidized and turned black, there are several home tips to clean your jewelry and restore its natural shine. The properties of baking soda make it an essential product at home. It is used to remove stains from white clothes, wash pots, ovens or microwaves, and to relieve stomach aches. The ultimate all-rounder for removing stains, you can also use it here. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and half of the toothpaste in a bowl of warm water. Using a brush, scrub your jewelry until it is completely clean.

To clean metal jewelry, you can use effervescent aspirin. Immerse your accessories in a glass of water and add the tablets. Wait 10 minutes and they will be clean. A tip to regain your glow is to apply eye makeup remover and rub with a cotton pad.

How to protect the color of your jewelry

To prevent your jewelry from blackening and delay oxidation, you can use two household products: nail polish and petroleum jelly. When you put on an accessory for the first time, protect the material with a coat of nail polish or petroleum jelly. It is advisable to repeat this operation from time to time to extend the life of your jewelry. With a minimum of care, you will keep your jewelry longer. It is advisable not to store all the parts together so as not to damage them. You should also separate gold and silver jewelry from costume jewelry. The best way to keep them from rusting is to not swim with them in the pool or at the beach unless they are stainless steel. Don't spray cologne on it either.

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Golden seal: definition and types.

Golden seal: definition and types.

Whether solid gold, white gold or rose gold, hallmarking is an engraving or indentation that allows you to recognize the gold content contained in an object (jewelry, watches, etc.). Regarding gold, there are five different hallmarks. Explanations!

Gold mark in France: an obligation

The state controls the level of purity of precious metals (gold, silver and platinum).

France has its own hallmark system to manage gold objects in the territory.

  • It is the Ministry of Economy and Finance, through the guarantee offices (which are part of the customs service), who places the punches on articles made with precious metals.
  • Only the Paris guarantee office is authorized to place the 24-carat gold hallmark.

The marking made on a work of precious metal can be metal marking in recess with a mechanical tool called a punch – or laser (decree no. 2013-411 of May 17, 2013).

What are gold jewelry hallmarks used for?

Golden seal: definition

The gold hallmark is a mark placed on a gold jewel or object, which allows defining the carat, that is, the percentage of gold contained in the jewel or object.

The rest under this announcement.

The rest under this announcement.

So it is a way to know if an object is real gold or not. The higher the carat, the higher the gold content.

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What is a carat?

The carat is a unit of measurement that allows you to know the level of purity of gold.

The carat represents 1/24 of the total mass of an alloy. So, 18K gold means that there is 75% gold (18/24 × 100 = 75%) in hallmarked jewelry.

In details:

  • A piece of jewelry containing 99.9% pure gold is said to be 24 carats.
  • A piece of jewelry containing 75% pure gold is said to be 18 carats.
  • A piece of jewelry containing 58.5% pure gold is said to be 14 carats.
  • A piece of jewelry containing 37.5% pure gold is said to be 9 carats.

What is a thousandth? ?

This is the second type of classification used to certify the value of a precious material.

The rest under this announcement.

The thousandth corresponds to the ratio between the mass of gold and the total mass of the alloy.

What is the difference between a manufacturer’s mark and a responsibility mark?

In addition to the guarantee mark that certifies the gold level, two other types of marks are currently in force in French territory:

  • The maker’s mark is that of the goldsmith craftsman or the manufacturer of the gold object. It is diamond-shaped with the manufacturer’s initials and symbol.
  • The mark of responsibility is that of the importer of the gold object. It has an oval shape.

Where are the gold hallmarks on a jewel?

Depending on the size of the object, the contrasts will be more or less important, but it is essential to identify them to assess the value of an object.

Please note that the seal is usually illegible to the naked eye; it is necessary to use a magnifying glass.

The rest under this announcement.

The rest under this announcement.

in a ring

On rings, the gold hallmark is usually engraved on the inner or outer side of the ring.

On a necklace or bracelet

In a necklace, chain or bracelet, we find the gold punch at one of the ends of the jewel, near the closure.

in a clock

On watches, the engraving is located on the inside or outside of the case.

What are the different hallmarks on rings, jewelry and gold objects?

Seahorse Punch: for gold bars

In 2002, France created a seal for 24-karat (999 thousandths) gold. It is a seahorse in profile surrounded by a listel.

This type of seal appears almost only on bars and ingots, because 24-karat gold is too soft for the manufacture of jewelry, most often made from 18-karat yellow metal.

The rest under this announcement.

The eagle seal: in 22 carat gold

The premium solid gold (22 karat) hallmark depicts an eagle in profile contained within a beveled rectangle. The seal number, a “1” (for “first title”), is indicated at the bottom right, below the eagle’s beak.

Like 24 karat gold, 22 karat gold is rarely used for jewelry making because it can warp with use.

How to recognize gold from 750 to 18 carats?

In force since 1994, this seal depicts an eagle’s head in profile surrounded by a hexagon. It symbolizes 18-karat gold (750/1,000), the most used in the manufacture of high-quality jewelry.

The seal number appears at the bottom right, below the eagle’s head, as on the first seal of the title, except here it is a three.

The rest under this announcement.

The rest under this announcement.

The eagle’s head also cannot be surrounded by anything, especially in the context of sign delegation:

  • We speak then of a “small guarantee”, because the contrast is not provided by the State, but by the manufacturer.
  • The purity (750/1,000) is identical to that guaranteed by the head of the eagle framed by a diamond or a hexagon (18 carats).

The scalloped punch: for gold alloys

The scallop shell framed by a listel symbolizes a metal whose pure gold content is equal to 14 carats (585/1,000e).

A jewel that bears this type of hallmark is not considered solid gold, but rather a gold alloy.

The clover-shaped punch: for weak gold alloys

The seal showing a clover symbolizes a metal with a gold content of 9 carats (375/1,000e). It can be placed by:

The rest under this announcement.

  • the warranty office;
  • in delegation.

It is found in new and used works. A piece of jewelry with this type of contrast is considered to have a low gold alloy.

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How to recognize gold plating?

The gold bath corresponds to a layer of gold deposited on another material, which can be variable.

It is also recognizable thanks to its square stamp, which indicates that the jewel is gold plated.

How to recognize international gold hallmarks?

The diamond stroke

An international convention, which France has not signed, defines standardized gold hallmarks.

They are quite easy to read since it is a diamond with, inside, the purity level of gold in figures.

925 stamp: gold or silver?

Although international gold hallmarks may also stamp “925” and “950”, the 925 (thousandths) hallmark indicates that the jewelry is sterling silver.

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Contrasts that appear in second-hand works of foreign or uncertain origin

The “small guarantee” mark

When it is a jewel of French origin in 18 carat gold, the hallmark represents an eagle’s head (which is not surrounded by a diamond or a hexagon), what is known as “small guarantee” in 750‰ gold .

New imported works are contrasted in the same way.

The owl punch

In force since 1994, the owl seal designates second-hand gold objects of foreign or uncertain origin.

Guarantee that the jewelry is made of at least 750‰ (18 carat).

The extraterrestrial seal

The ET stamp, “Exempt from title”, is affixed to second-hand gold items and means that the jewelery is made of a quality lower than 375‰ (9 carats).

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This seal is generally only affixed if the object is of artistic or historical interest.