Students in difficulty at secondary schools: Which school support option should you choose for your child?

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Education Minister Gabriel Attal estimates that 50% of fourth-grade middle school students have difficulty in math and French lessons. Information that could definitely benefit those involved in educational support.

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– Complétudes provides academic support at home.

“The results in the 4th grade are worrying”warns Gabriel Attal in an interview with Parisian published November 13th. The Minister of National Education estimates that half of 4th grade middle school students have difficulties in French and mathematics. To counteract the latter, many families resort to private lessons. 40 million hours teach are provided every year, according to a 2013 study by the Center for Strategic Analysis. Several organizations offer support to students from elementary through high school to higher education.

Some market participants offer face-to-face lessons at students’ homes. This is the case completeness. Families can request a quote on the website or call the organization directly. An educational consultant recommends that parents find a solution for students who are struggling academically. The price is set by Complétudes and varies depending on the city and class of the student. For a teenager in 4th grade in Paris who needs an hour of private French lessons every week, this is to be expected 49 euros. In Bordeaux the price drops 45 euros. Since January 2022, people who hire a private tutor at home can benefit from an immediate tax credit advance of up to 50%. Thanks to this measure, the price drops 24.50 euros for one hour of academic support.

academy also offers support at home. From CP to preparatory courses, the academic support company offers numerous options, including these classes at home or at an Acadomia center. And the results are as follows: According to a study conducted among its customers in June 2021, the brand recorded an increase of 3.7 points in the average of students for the subject studied. To find the rare pearl, simply go to one of the company’s 110 agencies throughout France or simply make a request on the dedicated website. In terms of price you can expect approx 30 euro hour of lessons for a primary school student and around fifty euros for a preparatory student with more special needs 59 euros regulatory membership. Please note that every active member also benefits free of charge from the “Academoi” program, which provides access to online educational content.

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Super Prof acts as a large community of teachers offering all types of courses. Of course, classical subjects are possible, but some professionals also offer their services in more original areas: drawing, piano, graphic design, etc. “Our goal is simple: to be the Airbnb of private lessons”explains the platform’s inventor, Wilfried Granier Capital city. In addition, Superprof says it only keeps a small number of teacher applications received in order to optimize family satisfaction. A total of 800,000 teachers are registered on the website. To find the ideal support, every student or parent must have it 29 euros…that he only pays if he finds his teacher. The site communicates on the Average prices suggested by teachers registered on the site. You have to pay approximately 20 Euros for one hour of homework help, French or English lessons.

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Innovative academic support platforms

New players are taking advantage of the school support trend. GoStudent Works with a minimum of six months and a maximum of 24 months subscription. “Families earn a range of credits that allow them to plan lessons for different subjects and for each of their children.”, explains GoStudent. Students follow lessons online and can communicate with their teacher using messages integrated into the platform. The subscription is for one hour of academic support per week 964 euros for a school year, which increases the hourly rate 26.79 euros. Prices decrease depending on the length of the subscription and the number of lessons per week. On the other hand, they are set for all levels and all subjects offered.

Finally, a platform launched in 2013 also offers a lot of online content: This is Cartable. The idea: “meet all academic support needs.”, aims his co-founder Julien Cohen Solal. For 39.99 euros per month, students from CE1 to Terminale have access to numerous exercises, sheets and course content as they wish. But, and this is the most interesting thing, Kartable also offers distance learning courses in groups of a maximum of 5 to 6 students. More than 1,200 courses are available each week and all programs are covered. All the student has to do is choose to attend the courses they want, depending on the slots offered throughout the week. As for the satisfaction rate, it is important: 95% of families express satisfaction with their child’s progress.

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