Six months later, stolen jewels come back to life

“It was like a part of us was gone. » When two criminals robbed the De Thoury – Le Bec jewelry store on Saturday, February 11, they didn't just take objects. But creations. Because most of the pieces presented in the showcase are made in the workshop.

90 % of the shares had been stolen. Six months later, “We can say that the activity has had a very good start, book Jean-Louis Le Bec, 56 years old, the owner. But at first we were a little scared. » The professional did not find it too difficult to replenish his gold reserve.

For precious stones, “It was more complicated, longer”. Manufacturers have saved some gems while production restarts. And may the spirits find a little serenity : “Creating through pain is not easy. »

Visits, letters, phone calls: there have been numerous expressions of sympathy from clients and colleagues. “We know that certain clients have come especially to place orders to make us work. »

“It was difficult”

Insurance side? “Agents, experts… Everyone was fast, efficient and very understanding. » The insurance premiums paid by jewelry stores are usually expensive. In the De Thoury – Le Bec case the full value of the raw materials was reimbursed. Although this does not compensate for the hours of modeling required for an original ring or earrings.

“We had to work three times as hard to replenish our collection.breathes Jean-Louis Le Bec. It was difficult for us and the staff. » His wife and an employee are still on sick leave.

“We hope it doesn't happen again.”trusts the artisan, who has reinforced the security of an already very protected business. “We also review the organization of personnel and their training. » The jeweler and the six people who work alongside him are now working to imagine new collections for the end of the year.

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