School funding: the big comparison

In recent years, traditional education funding players have had to contend with the arrival of new start-ups, each more inventive than the last. Increased competition, offering students a wide range of solutions… but they still have to navigate among the many options available to them. Here is our comparison to find the right academic support for every young person.

Whether you are the pillars of the industry or the new stars of the internet: the choice is yours!

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The Kartable platform quickly established itself as a benchmark for online study support, so that every second student now uses it for revision. This success can be explained above all by the seriousness and simplicity of the offer on offer. There are thousands of courses and review sheets designed by national education teachers, as well as exercises and their detailed answers with full access. Valuable tools for independent students who want to progress at their own pace without the help of a teacher. And what about the price, which is one of the most attractive in the industry?

Super Prof

Superprof is a website for connecting students and teachers. After registering, simply enter your desired subject and location before selecting your ideal teacher. Once the student has agreed to give lessons, he is free to organize with his teacher according to his wishes. Please note that Superprof is not limited to academic support and is not only aimed at children. You can learn a lot there, for example playing the guitar, practicing kite surfing or mastering computer programming

Nomad training

Nomad Education offers free mobile apps for revising anywhere, anytime. They are available offline once downloaded and feature content created by National Education teachers. There are mini courses, review sheets, multiple choice questions, tests, corrected annals, podcasts, a coaching section… all for free.

Good teachers

Les Bons Profs' solution became known through the courses offered by National Education teachers on YouTube. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg with a selection of a few videos on specific topics. To access all content you need to visit their website. There you will find all the video courses in their entirety, as well as review sheets, exercises, multiple choice questions, corrected annals and even online courses during school holidays.

School mouv

Schoolmouv offers video lessons presented by actors to convey a tone closer to that of young people, but all content is created by National Education teachers. The site also has sheets to make revision easier, as well as quizzes and exercises. This solution covers nine middle and high school subjects: mathematics, physics-chemistry, history, geography, science, SVT, SES, philosophy and French.

Professor in your pocket

Prof. en Poche is a voice assistant that allows students to review and complete their homework on their smartphone. To support them in their work, they have two solutions at their disposal: a free chatbot that answers your questions 24 hours a day and paid online tutors available on weekdays between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

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Acadomia is the market leader in educational support and has 110 centers throughout France. They offer weekly classes in small groups, private lessons at home, and intensive courses during the holidays. And to stay competitive against new digital competitors like Kartable, Acadomia has opened a platform where you can access its resources and teachers at any time. The company also offers webcam courses as well as coworking-inspired co-learning spaces where young people can work alone or with others in spaces dedicated to learning.


Maxicours is an online tutoring site that covers all subjects. There are course sheets, videos, interactive exercises, assessment tests, etc. The special feature of this solution is its tutoring offer. In case of difficulties, each student can contact a national education teacher for mathematics, French, English, SVT or physics-chemistry via audio chat or video conference. And all week, except Saturday, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Private lessons, small group courses, online lessons… Complétudes, which has around forty agencies throughout France, has been offering a comprehensive range of academic support for 35 years. But it has also adapted to digital offerings by offering learning sheets and interactive videos on the Internet.

Legendre course

Cours Legendre specializes in private lessons and group courses and is aimed at all students up to the preparatory class. Like all players in the industry, the site now offers a solution for distance learning. And recently, this reference in educational support has also been offering home childcare for 3 to 11 year olds with homework help from 6 years old.

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Nomad training

Level: from 6th to bac+5
For free

super prof

Level: all target groups
Price: €29 per month, then €15 to €22 for one lesson

Maxi course

Level: from CP to final year
Price: €12.95 for one month, €7.95 per month for a 12-month commitment, €4.95 per month for the 24-month plan.

Good teachers

Level: from 6th to 12th grade
Price: €17.99 per month

More information

Please note that a 50% tax credit is available for home tutoring courses.

legendary course

Level: from 6 years to senior year
Price: Private lessons at home from €38 per hour. Intensive review and weekly support courses from €189.


Level: from CM1 to final year
Price: from €6.99 per month in the premium version

Teacher in your pocket

Level: from CP to final year
Price: free chatbot, access to teachers from €59 per month


Level: Private lessons from CP to Higher Education, weekly group lessons from CE1 to final year.
Price: for private lessons 49€ membership fee, plus 10€ monthly fee, then from 36€ per hour. For weekly courses in small groups from €92 per month for 10 months. For webcam lessons from €17.50 per half hour.

School mouv

Level: from 6th to 12th grade
Price: €29.99 for the one-month plan (the first month for €1), €24.99 per month for the quarterly offer, €19.99 for the semi-annual plan.


Level: from CP to final year
Price: Prices for private home lessons vary depending on the child's school level. For a 5th grade student €35 per hour. For a graduating student €42 per hour. For online courses, the non-binding monthly subscription is offered for €9.95 per month. A price that is €6.95 per month for 12 months.

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