Recycle your old computer to get gold jewelry

Dell launches jewelry line. The computer manufacturer has no intention of becoming a fashion designer, but with this operation it wants to draw attention to its recycling efforts.

The computer manufacturer Dell launches a collection… of jewelry. But these are special pieces of jewelry, since they are made with gold from out-of-use computers.

Jewelry created by Dell using gold from computer motherboards

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas is the setting this year for the surprising launch of a new line… of jewelry. No, the world's leading high-tech fair will not change its theme in 2018. In fact, These jewels are the work of Dellthe third largest computer manufacturer in the world, behind Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard.

Thus, between the launch of a new computer model, a latest line of servers, a screen and a mouse, the American company has just launched a limited edition of jewelry. In the end it is not so surprising, since The American computer manufacturer makes the creations with gold recovered from the motherboards of disused computers.

Draw attention to your recycling efforts.

And Dell knew how to attract attention by associating her image with that of the actress and model Nikki Reed (known in particular for her role in the saga Twilight), to promote their collection of rings, earrings and cufflinks, called “ Circular collection », in 14-18 carat recycled gold. Sales and design were entrusted to Ba You with lovethe American actress's organic clothing, accessories and beauty brand.

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All the jewelry in the collection has a circular pattern, a way to symbolize the virtuous cycle of recycling. Available from 78 dollars (about 65 euros), the pieces were designed by the actress and manufactured in the United States. The manufacturer does not intend to become a fashion designer, but with this operation she intends to draw attention to her recycling efforts.

The equivalent of 50 million euros wasted every year

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirms that Only 12.5% ​​of high-tech objects are recycled. Every year 60 million dollars (almost 50 million euros) in gold and silver are wasted in the form of old mobile phones or used motherboards. Dell says its program to reuse gold from electronic waste will allow it to make millions of new motherboards.

According to the newspaper USA TodayDell conducted a feasibility study on electronics recycling and gold reuse in a closed loop. The recovery process, created by Wistron Green Tech, is supposed to Reduce environmental impact by 99% compared to traditional mining.says a press release from the manufacturer.

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