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The technical meeting “Reinventing Rome: ex Casa del fascio” dedicated to stakeholders was held at the General Directorate of the State Property Agency, to present in detail the specificity of the property proposed for the international architectural competition and urban planning Reinventing cities, announcement requirements and participation criteria. The obiettivo di Reinventing cities è di stimolare una rigenerazione urbana more stenibile, traverso la trasformazione di siti inutilizzati o sottoutilizzati in veri e propri propri modelli di inclusività e resilienza replicabili su globo scale, con progetti innovativi di città à zero emissionsi, en partnershipo pubblico- private.

The event took place in the presence of Enrica De Paulis, responsible for regeneration and special projects of the Urban Planning and Implementation Department of Roma Capitale, Costanza De Stefani, responsible for the reinvention of cities of C40 cities, Massimiliano Umberti, president of Municipality IV of Roma Capitale, Fabrizio Tucci. , Director of the Department of Planning, Design and Architectural Technology of the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, Dario di Girolamo, Director of Rome Capital of the State Property Agency, Cristiana Gianni, Deputy Director of Rome Capital of the State Domains Agency and Loredana Randisi, Head of Services to citizens and local authorities at the State Domains Agency.

The recovery intervention of the old Casa del fascio de Settecamini must aim for environmental sustainability, through zero-emission urban redevelopment and transformation projects, in synergy with individuals, and promote the vision of the quarter city. time, approved by the Municipal Council. , with the aim of creating services and meeting spaces for the neighborhood.

The call for tenders is structured in two distinct phases: an expression of interest open to all to present the design concept and a final proposal limited to the finalist teams. The deadline for submitting proposals for the first phase is July 11, 2024 at 6 p.m. The technical-economic sustainability aspects of the proposal presented will be evaluated during the second phase of the competition.

The ancient Casa del fascio is located to the east of the city of Rome, along a strategic connecting axis, between the new Tiburtina station and two archaeological sites of great historical and artistic importance, Villa Adriana and the Villa d'Este, both close to Tivoli. . The building was built in the 1930s to house the Casa del fascio, for the use of citizens who participated in the rehabilitation of the Roman peripheral areas, with a first residential use then a service; over the years it was transformed into Casa del Popolo.

The gross area of ​​the intervention is approximately 960 m2. The instrument envisaged is the development concession with a duration of between 6 and 50 years.
The refunctionalization of the old Casa del fascio will allow the establishment of tourist accommodation, social and cultural functions and will be able to create significant links with the public space in front and with existing services, proposing itself as a key element for the repair of currently fragmented and dilated tissue.
The project proposal will aim to guarantee the development of the property in accordance with the original development and its public utility in accordance with the destinations envisaged by the current planning instrument, while respecting the restriction of protection of the property. The preferred functions must be integrated into the master plan for the regeneration of public spaces in Rome, as part of the 15-minute city program, and promote the creation of services, amenities and green spaces for the neighborhood.
Real estate intervention must also pay particular attention to environmental sustainability, including issues of bioclimatic and energy efficiency, resource circularity, climate resilience and decarbonization.

Reinventing Cities is a project of C40, the global network of around a hundred cities around the world that are collaborating to fight the climate crisis, proposing innovative models of urban design, in accordance with the principles of sustainability, resilience and 'inclusion. The next events will take place on April 10 in Bologna to present the potential of the old Perotti barracks; on April 11 in Palermo for the candidacy of the former Chimica Arenella industrial complex; on April 15 in Venice for the redevelopment of Forte Sant'Andrea and the Casa Madonna di Nicopeja and finally on April 16 in Milan for the development of the old school in via Zama.

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