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The 2024 finance law plans to expand the range of people who can benefit from state subsidies to support real estate loans for the purchase of real estate. The provision also identifies certain categories considered priority, that is to say subjects who benefit from concessions or particular priorities in access to benefits.

What are these benefits and who are they for?

1-The possibility of benefiting from the maximum guarantee of 80% on the Guarantee Fund for the purchase of the first home has been extended until December 31, 2024. The guarantee applies to the main part of mortgage loans intended for priority categories (based on specific income and age conditions).

2 to 282 million euros have been allocated to the 2024 Guarantee Fund, highlighting a commitment to supporting access to buying a first home.

3-Among the so-called priority categories are young couples, single-parent families with minor children, tenants of IACP accommodation, young people under 36 with ISEE not exceeding 40,000 euros per year and applicants for a real estate loan exceeding 80% of the property. including charging accessories.

4-Certain paragraphs of the 2024 finance law introduce “large families” among the priority categories. These families must meet specific demographic and income conditions.

5-For large families, specific provisions are provided, in particular on the maximum amount of guarantee that can be granted under the Fund and on the importance of providing a risk coefficient. Furthermore, additional benefits are provided for large families who meet certain criteria in terms of number, children and ISEE.
For the year 2024, other inclusions have been introduced among the priority categories, taking into account families with a specific number of children under 21 and ISEEs not exceeding certain annual income thresholds.

Renato Landoni, President of Kìron Partner SpA, Tecnocasa Group: “Taking into account these provisions and numerous other regulatory provisions, we are convinced that, in particular the extension of benefits to those under 36 years of age, will allow more serene and easier access upon purchase of the property. property, generating profits also in terms of volumes and therefore at market level”.

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