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FIMAA welcomes the decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to launch a rule to encourage the regularization of minor construction defects, announced yesterday during the third meeting on the Housing Plan in which the Federation participated. It is misleading to characterize this measure as a mini-amnesty. This forecast brings together some of the requests made by FIMAA, which has repeatedly highlighted the need to simplify the bureaucratic process to correct slight discrepancies, and thus facilitate the purchase and sale of properties.

To the professional associations gathered yesterday at MIT, Minister Salvini announced the imminent arrival at the Council of Ministers of a decree-law containing certain measures aimed at regularizing minor construction defects, that is to say purely formal defects , those concerning individual real estate units – such as the construction or removal of a partition – or those relating to interventions which could have been repaired at the time they were carried out. Among the provisions included in the decree-law, illustrated by councilor Elena Griglio, there are also various measures proposed in recent weeks by the Federation, such as those aimed at facilitating changes in planned use.

“These are discrepancies that characterize the majority of our real estate assets – comments Santino Taverna, president of FIMAA Italia – and often slow down purchase and sale operations, in some cases even compromise them. This is why FIMAA has long been calling for the removal of those which, ultimately, are just bureaucratic obstacles and we can only welcome Minister Salvini's decision to intervene on this issue.

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