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“The two service provisions issued on Wednesday by the Municipality raise deep concerns among operators and throughout the construction chain and certainly cannot represent a solution to the situation created following the Public Prosecutor's Office's investigations. Without going into the legal merits of the case, it is clear that the application of the criteria defined by the aforementioned service provisions to building authorization procedures will have the effect not only of aggravating the already generalized situation of paralysis of the “construction activity for the future, but also to create very serious uncertainties on sites already in progress or in the start-up phase on the basis of building permits already effective and consolidated”.

Thus Regina De Albertis, president of Assimpredil Ance, the Association of Building Construction Companies of Milan, Lodi, Monza and Brianza, commented on the situation of serious uncertainty that has gripped Milan in recent months following investigations carried out by the public prosecutor's office for which unfortunately the recent provisions of the municipal administration on the new town planning procedures, which replace the municipal, regional and national regulations used over the last 20 years, do not provide an adequate response.

“In view of these new indications, for example, the owner of an area of ​​200 m2 on which there is an old office of 300 m2 SL, in the event of demolition and reconstruction to create a single-family house maintaining the same volume of 300 m2, will be forced, once the cubic volume index of 3 m3 per m2 is exceeded, to launch an execution plan, with deadlines and procedures identical to those involving much larger surfaces. And as we know, in Milan, the average time for implementing a plan is not less than 4 years.
The consequences of all this are easily explained: failure of local builders who have always operated in the region and who have historically dedicated themselves to the construction of houses for the Lombard middle class; suspension of rehabilitation and regeneration interventions; blockade of construction sites, including social housing and student accommodation; dismissal of thousands of workers; dissolution of the entire very long supply chain of the construction world.
Added to this are the serious consequences in terms of responsibility for civil servants and managers of the municipal apparatus, both for the investigative activity carried out in the past and for the evaluations that they will have to carry out from today 'today. And of course, our absolute solidarity and understanding goes with them all.
Not to mention the flight of investments from international funds from Italy with the enormous loss of opportunities and attractiveness of our country. Because, let's not forget, this situation does not only pose a problem for Milan or Lombardy, but for Italy as a whole. Milan is just the beginning, then the long wave will inevitably paralyze the rest of the country.”

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