Real estate financing: three tips for finding the right portal

Are you looking for the most advantageous conditions for (follow-up) financing of your property? Three expert tips to avoid falling into the trap.

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However, consumers who want to have an overview of the market should not rely on them exclusively and unreservedly. Three expert tips for careful handling.

Tip 1: Find out about the corresponding comparison portal

Even comparison portals do not always list all available providers and products, even if the choice seems large. Tatjana Halm from the Bavarian Consumer Center therefore recommends checking the corresponding comparison site to see which providers are listed there. They must reveal it.

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Tip 2: Don’t let the ranking mislead you

It's not uncommon for users to simply click on the top results in a results list. “But the first successes are not necessarily the best offers,” warns Askan Deutsch, a lawyer specializing in intellectual property law in Hamburg. The portals often have contracts with the providers and earn money on each contract concluded. Sometimes providers pay to appear particularly high in the rankings. It is therefore worth always checking the lowest offers in the ranking.

Tip 3: Compare the conditions with those of the service provider

You don't always find the best deal on comparison sites. If you are interested in a particular offer, you would do well to visit or inquire about the website of the desired provider. It is also recommended to use different comparison portals. But be careful: some companies operate several portals of this type with the same providers and algorithms. According to Halm, a consumer rights advocate, a glance at the legal notices can provide information on this subject.

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