Properties confiscated from the mafia: in Genoa there are 68, how they are used

In Genoa there are 68 properties confiscated from the mafia, all of which are civic property, twelve of them have been assigned to civic uses, forty have been assigned to associative purposes and eleven are awaiting assignment. There are forty-four from the “Canfarotta Confiscation”, of which forty were allocated for social purposes, two institutional and two still awaiting concession.

The data emerged in recent hours during a commission during which Heritage Councilor Francesco Maresca took stock of the situation. Thanks to a fund from the Liguria Region, funds of 500 thousand euros have been allocated to the city of Genoa, a figure that the administration plans to increase to 600 thousand by the year: currently around 400 thousand have been used , which were used for the valorization and recovery of the infrastructures of 33 properties.

“There is an immense amount of work behind this – explains Councilor Maresca – which involves our offices, the advisers, the Antimafia Directorate and the Prosecutor's Office. These are all entities that I thank for the work they do. We are aware that at this time there are still critical issues with some properties, but we are trying to work so that these can be resolved. We are also planning to organize a Confiscated Property Festival, like those organized in other major cities. , where we would like to intervene, beyond party colours, key figures in the fight against the mafia, associations, magistrates and all those who have been fighting for years this enemy which is still insinuating itself into our society.

The confiscated premises and properties are made available by means of a notice – available on the municipal notice board – and those of the premises – two warehouses and an apartment – located in via Soziglia, piazza San Giorgio and vico Mele have recently been published . Among the proposals received by the commission, that of allocating one or more buildings to anti-violence centers and associations dealing with male violence against women, to try to create shelters adapted to protect and help women victims of violence to regain their independence. We are also studying the identification of a property that would bear the name of judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, symbols of the fight against the mafia, a proposal coming from councilor Nicolas Gandolfo and the Liguria center list.

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