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Imagine a corner of paradise hidden within the walls of your home, an intimate and safe place where you can take refuge from the daily frenzy. There pocket terrace It’s that and much more.

Accessible only from inside the home, this terrace envelops you in an embrace of privacy. Its shape creates an oasis of tranquility, perfect for relaxing outdoors and enjoying the starry sky on summer nights.

Not just a refuge, the pocket terrace is also a functional and comfortable solution. It allows you to carve out valuable space for greening even in dense urban contexts, where greenery is a rare commodity. In addition, it offers the possibility of flooding an attic room with natural light, giving it new life and a welcoming atmosphere.

What is a pocket terrace?

This is a type of terrace integrated into the sloping roof, accessible only from the attic. It is delimited by the parapet and the perimeter shoulders. Not visible from the street, it represents an exclusive outdoor environment in your home, capable of guaranteeing beautiful natural light.

However, if your patio is bathed in midday sun, heat could become a problem, especially in summer. The choice of blanket this then becomes fundamental. Awnings with extendable arms could be the ideal solution: they protect you from excessive heat, ensuring pleasant air circulation without making you fear the vagaries of the wind: their robustness allows you to enjoy your terrace at any time.

The pocket terrace is ideal for:

  • Increase brightness of the appartment ;
  • Gain outdoor space in a dense urban context;
  • Increase property value.

How is this achieved?

The construction requires the removal of part of the roof, with precise technical interventions to:

  • Ensuring the structural stability of the building;
  • Maintain the waterproofness of the roof;
  • Preserve the architectural decoration.

Regulatory aspects:

  • The Court of Cassation established that the owner of the top floor can create a pocket terrace without the agreement of the other co-owners, provided that he does not compromise the function of the roof. Indeed, if the contractual co-ownership regulations do not mention the ban on building a pocket terrace, its construction is possible without the agreement of the majority of co-owners.
  • Necessary permissions: The co-ownership owner interested in creating a pocket terrace must first obtain the necessary building permits, presented by a qualified technician, which must be issued by the technical office of the Municipality where he will carry out the work.

Useful tips:

  • Assess the height And the inclination of the roof;
  • Rely on a technician qualified for design and construction.

A pocket deck is a great addition to any attic. A little corner of paradise where you can enjoy the sun, the view and relaxation.

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