Plan Maison, new rules arrive to remedy structural irregularities – News

THE Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) is preparing to introduce a new package of regulations intended to revolutionize the real estate sectorthus responding to the demands of local administrations, associations and organizations involved in the construction sector.

These new measures are aimed at regularizing minor deviations and structural irregularities That, according to recent studies carried out by the National Council of Engineers, affect approximately 80% of the national real estate assets. It is what we learn from a note issued by the ministryheld on April 4 and chaired by Minister Salvini.

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Administrative simplification and efficiency

All of this comes against a backdrop of widespread debate over housing policies, with a strong focus on the need to modernize and make the housing sector fairer.

The new housing rules could represent an important step forward towards a more equitable, transparent and functional real estate system. The will to simplify administrative procedures it is a signal in favor of the needs of citizens and the building community as a whole.

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What the regulatory package will contain

THE the package in preparation aims to regularize different types of deviations, among which:

  • formal differences: linked to the interpretative uncertainties of current regulations;
  • internal differences: designating minor modifications made by owners to individual real estate units, such as the construction of partitions or mezzanines;
  • discrepancies that cannot be corrected with current legislation: due to the “double compliance” rule, which prevents the regularization of many building modifications carried out over time;
  • changes to intended use: between homogeneous categories of properties, thus facilitating greater flexibility in the use of spaces.

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Protecting small owners

The introduction of these rules is motivated by the desire to protect small owners, many of whom have been waiting for decades for their situation to be regularized and are encountering difficulties renovating or selling their homes. Furthermore, it aims to reduce the workload of municipal technical offices, often overwhelmed by amnesty requests.

During the meeting at homewhich was held at MIT in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Matteo Salvini, the guidelines of the regulatory package have been defined, the result of a broad consultative process in which institutions, organizations, associations and professional associations in the sector participated. The goal is clear: guarantee streamlined and efficient administrative procedures to provide citizens with rapid and secure responses.

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