“Peace building”. Salvini launches the house saver: “Let's fix the little gaps.” Meloni: I don't know the plan

Rome, April 5, 2024 – Was Already nicknamed the “peace building”, based on the model of eliminating tax invoices. This is the new card that the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, wants to play on the construction table to revive the market and remedy small deviations which, according to a study by the Council of Engineers, affect around 80% of real estate assets. The measure was developed after a long series of discussions with professional associations. The opposition pulls no punches and talks about a amnesty for new buildings.

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Home savings program under study by MIT: amnesty for small irregularities. What does the amnesty provide?


A package that this surprises even the Prime Minister herself. “Salvini spoke to me about something some time ago. Then – said Giorgia Meloni – I saw that he reiterated that he was working on this rule, but I don’t know, I’m not in able to express a judgment. I read the press release from the Ministry of Transport which talks about remedying small internal differences, that is to say if you raised a partition to make two rooms where there were none “If so, let’s talk about it, it’s reasonable, but I can’t reasonably comment on a rule I haven’t read.” In any case, the details of the measure remain to be defined. But the system is practically already ready.


Salvini’s “housing savings” package aims to regularize small urban planning deviations present within homes. The list is long: from formal divergences, linked to interpretative uncertainties of current regulations, to “internal” divergences, concerning individual real estate units, to which the owners have made slight modifications. It will be possible to regularize, for example, the partition which was not provided for in the cadastral plan or the mezzanine where a double bed or a bedroom was placed.


The measure should also address discrepancies that could be corrected at the time the intervention was performed, but cannot be corrected today due to state regulations. “double compliance”, a legislation which does not allow obtaining authorization or reporting in amnesty many interventions, dating back over time. It will also be possible to authorize changes in the intended use of properties between homogeneous categories.


The “save-home” package was presented by Salvini to representatives of around fifty institutions, organizations, associations, professional associations and foundations in the sector. The report is protect small owners who, in many cases, have been waiting for decades for their situation to be regularized and who are often unable to renovate or sell their homes. At the same time, deflate the work of municipal technical offices, often overwhelmed by amnesty requests. The light at administrative simplification and efficiency in fact, it was also planned to intervene in administrative procedures to thus guarantee citizens certain answers at certain times.


Deputy Prime Minister and League Secretary Salvini wants to run. These discrepancies, he explains, “block millions of Italians and properties that could easily be put back on the market.” We are talking about an urgent intervention. A new decree on infrastructure could thus arrive, but it is also not excluded that the rules arrive in Parliament with an amendment. There already exists a homogeneous text for the themes addressed: the Superbonus decree.

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