Pawn shop: the establishment offers low-interest loans in exchange for a pawned item.

After many years of absence, Crédit municipal has reopened its doors in Clermont-Ferrand. An opportunity to temporarily rescue yourself.

Municipal Credit Repairs

Mathilde, short of money, had tried in vain to obtain a loan to cover her debts, but given her situation, no bank agreed to lend her a loan. Aware of the existence of the Municipal Credit, she came one day with the old family gold brooch inherited from her grandmother. She then offered her 1,607 euros, which she had to return within six months, plus modest interest. But six months later, as her situation had not yet been restored, she extended her loan for another six months. A year later, finally rescued, she returned to collect her jewel from the municipal credit in exchange for a refund of 1,607 euros, increased with a monthly interest rate of 0.57% per month, and insurance of 11.16 euros or 1,728 euros.

As in all large cities in France, thousands of Clermont residents turned to the municipal Crédit to help themselves, first at the first branch on rue de la Boucherie until the pawnshop closed in January 2005, the date on which the Crédit Municipal limited its activity to traditional loans. .

social vocation

But after the acquisition, in 2013, of Crédit municipal de Clermont by Crédit municipal de Lyon, a new agency, faithful to its historical vocation, reopened its doors on November 15 at number 76 Boulevard François-Mitterrand.

“Our vocation is above all social: helping people in exchange for depositing an object,” explains Arnaud Rousset, general director of Crédit municipal. Generally these are gold jewelry, which is easy to value, but also furniture, paintings, cameras, records or rare books. We then call an auctioneer to appraise the property… which usually recovers. But in about 5% of cases, the borrower decides to abandon the object. The municipal credit then holds an auction and, in almost all cases, as the sale price is higher than the amount lent, the borrower not only has nothing to return, but generally receives a bonus from which only the interest is deducted. owed. .

The reopening of Crédit municipal de Clermont thus constitutes a small event for the entire urban area and beyond. A unique and economical solution to have liquidity, for a certain time, without risk. For this reason, an advertising campaign was launched yesterday, first on the radio and in cinemas and then, at the end of September, on the radio, on posters and in brochures.

€690. Average loan amount (from €15 to several thousand).

Approx. 70%. The loan represents approximately 70% of the value of the object.

95%. 95% of borrowers get their item back.

80%. Most of the clients are women.

Arnaud Vernet

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