Pandora, quality know-how and an infallible gift

Pandora, quality know-how and an infallible gift

If Christmas is a gift… jewelry and watches can be found at Joyería Cholo, in the center of El Entrego. A prestigious establishment that adds to its exclusives the Pandora jewelry collection for the Nalón region. Jewelry from this Danish brand, regardless of its beauty and originality, leaves no one indifferent.

At Cholo Jewelry, you will find the brand's latest designs of charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants. With the “charms”, more than 400, and the clips in sterling silver, gold, Murano glass and wood, personalized creations can be made with special meaning for the wearer and to remember each of the special moments of everyone's life. In bracelets made of sterling silver, gold, leather or cotton, charms are combined to create unique expressions, and in rings there are countless combinations with sterling silver, gold and real stones.

Earrings are another gift and the Pandora collection includes pieces in sterling silver, gold and a wide variety of real stones. They can be composed of “creoles” and pendants with exclusive designs for every occasion. In necklaces and pendants, the jewelry features colors and materials of the highest quality, in sterling silver and gold, as well as leather cords, to combine with exclusive pendants.

In addition to Pandora jewelry, Cholo Jewelry offers Tous brand accessories, as well as jewelry and watches from national and international brands of greater prestige and quality, to give as gifts during these Christmas and Epiphany holidays.

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