Panatta “freezes” the village: “Complicated real estate project, it cannot be done at the moment”

The village is green, the lights are red. Or at least orange, for now. Adriano Panatta archives the construction project of Residential “Green Village” of 22,000 cubic meters. around his Racquet Club in the region Ghirada. The former champion said this on the sidelines of the press conference in which he presented a free self-defense course for the women of his club. When asked what stage the Green Village project was at, Panatta said “we're looking at it.” In the sense of a reduction? “No, we’re just evaluating whether we should do it or not.” Reasons for the costs that increased after the Superbonus? “It’s a complicated project and being a real estate developer is not my job”, Panatta repeated. Project definitively canceled or simply put aside? “At the moment, that’s not going to happen. In the future, we will see.”

Seven dwellings (two apartments per floor) distributed in three separate blocks adjacent to the railway line, plus three to the north of the sports hall. A residential setting to separate the Racquet Club from the subdivisions which were recently built along via Sarpi: this is how the project is (or was, at this stage), with the aim of also creating a green belt connecting the club and the “Green Village”, as Panatta himself defined it, through a green space along the railway line connecting the houses of the village to the Via Medaglie d'Oro district, to be developed with fitness equipment and cycle/pedestrian paths. Another “light” connection has been planned on the east side of the entire Village to connect via Giuseppe Maffioli (parallel to via Sarpi) with via Medaglie d'Oro, thus allowing those arriving from the north to reach the club directly, or to return to the city avoiding the Ghirada road for those leaving the club or arriving from the south.

Today therefore, after months of impasse in a project unveiled more than three years ago (March 2021), a stop has come which could be definitive. Mayor Mario Conte, commenting on Panatta's words, is unfazed: “The decision to build or not belongs to the contractor and not to the municipality. However, it's a green space there. » As if to say: even if it stays like this, it's not a tragedy.

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