No more lawyers accepting private mandates in La Tuque

With the recent appointment of Isabelle Voyer as a judge of the Court of Quebec, there are no longer any lawyers established in La Tuque for private mandates. This is what the Quebec Bar Association confirmed to us.

“After consulting with the president of the Mauricie Bar Association, we can confirm that there are indeed currently no lawyers in La Tuque who accept private mandates,” said Martine Meilleur, public relations advisor for the Quebec Bar Association.

According to the latter, it is rare for a municipality to have difficulties finding substitute lawyers. “However, certain regions that have a very small population and only enough lawyers to meet regional needs may temporarily be faced with such a situation,” he told via email.

He added that as professionals, the main mission of the Bar Association is the protection of the public and access to justice represents an important issue. Furthermore, we are trying to find possible solutions.

“There are currently debates between various justice actors to find solutions that will allow us to overcome this problem in the short term,” says Meilleur. In addition to the ability to find a lawyer in a neighboring city, she explains that technology makes it easier to consult with a lawyer.

Resources :

In the meantime, however, there are several resources for people who need to consult an attorney or legal advice. Here are the recommendations of the Quebec Bar Association with hyperlinks:

· For citizens eligible to receive legal assistance, HE La Tuque Legal Assistance Office is recommended.

· HE Mauricie Local Justice Center It is a resource that can offer a lot of information and various resources. Located in Trois-Rivières, the CJP may seem far away for the citizens of La Tuque, but it is possible to consult it by phone using a toll-free number.

· Lawyer Emergency
When a person is in an emergency situation, for example if they are detained, they can dial one of the following numbers, a free service offered by the Quebec Bar Association:

In case of arrest: 1-866-666-0011

Immigration emergency: 1-866-954-9447

Youth Emergency: 1-514-954-3500

· There Legal Clinic Bar
This new access to justice resource created by the Quebec Bar Association allows citizens throughout Quebec to receive legal advice provided by students of the École du Barreau, under the supervision of experienced lawyers. Interviews can take place in person, at one of the training centers in Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke or Gatineau, or remotely in a virtual meeting.
Telephone: 1 833 997-2527

· jurisprudential reference
Searchable web platform to easily find resources for legal needs, from legal consultations to preparing a case in small claims court.

· Housing telephone service
A toll-free phone line for tenants and landlords to ask all their questions about housing law.
Telephone: 1 844 227-3790

· Criminal Law Information Line: 1 888 954-9447
For non-urgent criminal and criminal matters, the Criminal Law Information Line allows a person accused of a crime who is not represented by a lawyer or is not entitled to legal assistance to obtain information about the progress of the criminal and criminal legal process and the impacts of the various decisions adopted in your case.

· Association of Provincial Lawyers (AAP)

· Quebec Family Law Lawyers Association (AAADFQ)

· Mauricie Crime Victims Support Center (CAVAC)

· Also consult the list of legal resources on the Bar Association website.

(Source: Quebec Bar Association)

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