No money for a lawyer – so you can always get help

Many people are reluctant to consult a lawyer because they fear high costs for legal advice and defense. If you cannot afford to hire a lawyer and can prove it, legal fees may be covered.

Even without money, help from a lawyer

If you cannot afford a lawyer, you can apply for a certificate of counseling from the local court.

  • The Advisory Assistance Act states that people with little money can obtain assistance from a lawyer through the advisory certificate. Little money means that after deducting certain allowances and monthly expenses, such as rent, taxes and heating costs, you are left with a maximum of 15 euros per month.
  • You can apply for the notice certificate from the local court. The best way to do this is to make an appointment with your local district court.
  • You must bring your bank statements and other financial documents, such as a Hartz IV certificate, with you to your appointment to prove your financial situation. Your ID card is also required.
  • If your consultation request is approved, bring it with you to the first consultation with your attorney. With this certificate, the first consultation in a criminal case is free.
  • In other cases, for example in labor law or civil law, even all extrajudicial services provided by the lawyer. You only have to pay the lawyer 10 to 15 euros out of your pocket.
  • You can present the consultation certificate up to 4 weeks after consulting the lawyer.

Legal aid for financial assistance in the event of a lawsuit

If your case cannot be resolved amicably and/or a lawsuit has already been filed, a certificate of consultation is unfortunately not sufficient. You must then request legal aid.

  • Whether the Public Treasury covers legal costs on your behalf depends on many factors.
  • In principle, anyone can apply for legal aid. If approved, both court costs and attorney fees will be covered by the state in labor and civil law disputes.
  • If your case is a criminal matter and you are charged, legal aid will generally not be granted.
  • In family matters and in cases of voluntary jurisdiction, legal aid is called legal aid.
  • The limit of 15 euros per month also applies to legal aid. This means that after deducting rent, tax reliefs and certain other expenses, you may have a maximum of 15 euros left to stand a chance of being eligible for legal aid.
  • If you lose the case, you may have to pay the opposing lawyer's fees, even if you have approved legal aid.

Legal protection insurance to cover costs

If you have a regular income, you should consider taking out legal expenses insurance.

  • Legal protection insurance can cover various areas such as private or professional disputes, but also cases related to traffic, housing or rentals.
  • If you take out legal expenses insurance, you must find out in advance what costs are covered by the insurance.
  • Depending on the level of legal expenses insurance you have, costs may vary. You can benefit from a fairly wide range of legal protection insurance from certain providers from 32 euros per month.

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