New Tram 7 in Milan: here are the neighborhoods crossed

Many projects of renewal and change have affected Milan in recent years. Public transport, in particular, is essential for make the city more sustainable. This is why the new project affects the current one Tram 7 it is very important to connect the northern area of ​​the city. Currently the line starts from Piazzale Lagosta and arrives at Via Anassagora, but with the new extension Different neighborhoods will be affected. Here are those.


After leaving the Cascina Gobba metro station, the Crescenzago district is about to be crossed by the new tramway. Living in Crescenzago it means taking advantage of the proximity to the center of Milan, while maintaining a more relaxed pace of life, typical of less central residential areas.

Currently, the neighborhood is served by several bus lines and the green metro line (M2), with the Crescenzago station which allows you to quickly reach the city's main transport hubs. From the point of view of servicesHere you will find shops, schools, supermarkets, health facilities and green spaces.


Precotto is another of the Milanese neighborhoods that will benefit from the extension of tram 7. Also located in the northeast area of ​​the city, living in Precotto combines accessibility to services and shops with the tranquility of a mainly residential area.

The district is already well served thanks to the presence of the red metro line (M1), with the Precotto station which facilitates access to the rest of the city but also to neighboring districts. Sesto San Giovanni. With the arrival of the new tram 7, it will perhaps be easier, for example, to reach the university district of Bovisa.


The Greco district, already crossed today by the tram, is among the closest to the central areas of Milan. The area is already well served by public transport, thanks to a train stop and several bus lines. For what concern real estate marketGreco offers opportunities both to those looking for their first home and to those looking to invest.

Currently, housing prices are more accessible than in other more central areas of Milan, especially since the area is located between the Bicocca district and NoLo.

Centennial Meadow

In the Prato Centenaro district, also located along the future tram 7 route, there is a very peaceful atmosphere. The region is appreciated for its proximity to Niguardavery famous hospital center, and the Bicocca district.

In terms of real estate, living in Prato Centenaro means taking advantage of a neighborhood with great potential. In addition to the extension of the tramway and the passage of metro line 5, it offers supermarkets, shops, green spaces and sports facilities.

Come on

After Niguarda, the last section of the line is also planned, which should connect the districts of Affori, Bovisa and Certosa. The Affori district, located in the north of Milan, is preparing to become one of the hubs of urban mobility with the arrival of the new tram 7.

Here you will find a central street where they are concentrated stores, restaurants and commercial establishments, but also green spaces like Villa Litta Modigliani. For the little ones, the neighborhood is also home to several schools, sports centers and a library.


The Bovisa district, known for its industrial past and its recent transformation, is about to be affected by the passage of the new line. This dynamic territory is a crossroads of culture, innovation and urban development, with Polytechnic School of Milan which constitutes its beating heart. Bovisa is already well served via the rail network, with the station providing fast connections to the center and other suburban destinations, as well as several bus routes.

THE real estate market della Bovisa is currently under development, with housing prices varying depending on the proximity to the polytechnic and main communication routes. Generally speaking, sales and rents remain slightly below the city average.

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