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Six meters under the flowery meadows of Villa Torloniain Rome, there is a place steeped in history and memory: the Mussolini's bunker. An air raid shelter built to protect the Duce and his family from bombing during World War II, which remained unused and inaccessible for decades.

Today, after two years of restoration and a new layout, the bunker reopens to the public, offering an immersive and evocative experience to discover a dark period of Italian history.

Villa life during fascism

Villa Torlonia was the Roman residence of Benito Mussolini and his family between 1929 and 1943. With Italy's entry into the war, from 1940, to protect itself from aerial bombardments, Mussolini had three underground shelters under the Nobile Casino.

The new visit itinerary, organized by Annapaola Agati and Federica Pirani, takes place in three sections, each of which offers a different interpretation of this place of memory.

There guided tour of the bunker begins with a video that recounts the opulent life led by Mussolini and his family in the villa. An existence of pomp and privilege, in contrast to the dramatic reality of the war which shocked Italy and Europe.

Air raid shelters and bombing experience

From the rooms dedicated to daily life in the villa, you go down to air raid shelters. Here, thanks to the synchronized projections and the philological exhibition, visitors can relive the anguish and fear of the bombings that hit Rome. A sensory experience that reproduces the the sound of sirensthe roar of planes and the vibrations of explosions.

How to Visit Mussolini's Bunker at Villa Torlonia

Going even further, you enter the real bunker, a bare and silent space which retains its oppressive atmosphere intact. A place of memory that invites us to reflect on the tragedies of war and the madness of the fascist regime.

Mussolini's bunker at Villa Torlonia has been reopened to the public Friday April 5, 2024 with paid guided tours. There reservation And OBLIGATORY and can be done online or over the phone.

Visiting Mussolini's bunker is an opportunity to discover a symbolic place of the Second World War and to reflect on the tragedies of the past and the importance of peace.

Mussolini's bunker at Villa Torlonia is a unique and A journey through time to learn more about history and not forget the horrors of war.

*Top image – credits to Musei di Villa Torlonia

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