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It's a fascinating mix of cultures and styles, extraordinary art form that combines Gothic, Romanesque, and Arabic elements. L'Moorish architecture manifests its original elegance in now iconic workswho populate the country and allow us to relive the oriental dream in Italy.

Let's discover them together, by retracing history of Moorish style, features badges and examples.

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History and origins

Moorish architecture has its roots in the western Mediterranean, particularly in the Maghreb and Spain, between the mid-11th century and the end of the 15th century.: here the Muslim invaders of African origin were designated as “moros“or die”.

It is precisely in this area that coexistence of different cultures – Christians, Muslims and Jews – on the left a fingerprint indelible on artistic panorama. During the Reconquista, Muslim influence was maintained through Islamic domination in certain Iberian regions, creating a unique style, which merged Eastern architectural traditions with Christian and Romanesque ones.

The distinctive characteristics of the Moorish style

Among the distinctive elements ofMoorish architecture we find an indefinite quantity of horseshoe archesderived from the Islamic world, decorated with complex geometric inlays and with details ornamentaland covered with colorful ceramicsthe same are also used to enrich walls, floors and canopies.

THE coffered ceilingsI carved friezes and the slender towers they stand out among the lively patterns of the Moorish buildings, giving a fairytale feel and creating a dreamlike universe.

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Moorish examples in Italy

Eastern echoes have also reached Italy, just think of Villa Torloniaa Moorish greenhouse hidden in one of the most evocative parks of Romewith his polychrome stained glass windows and his exotic garden.

Moving to the province of Florencein the municipality of Regellowe meet the Sammezzano Castle, a masterpiece of sculptures and a kaleidoscope of colors. Once again, among the hills of Bolognaon a hill of Grizzana Morandistay here Rocchetta Matteia fairytale structure with a fantastic atmosphere, while in the deep south, a Cataniaflies to the sky Mazzone Palace with its oriental charm fused with Art Nouveau style. They are true daydreams, treasures for a journey to distant cultures.

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