Montauban. They hid jewelry and gold from robberies

This is one more episode of a multi-story affair that hit the headlines a few years ago, which was tried yesterday before the TGI and which occupied a large part of the collegiate hearing chaired by Alain Birgy. With the criminal actions of a gang of young Moissagais who repressed two cases of kidnapping and armed robbery that affected a businessman from Sainte-Juliette and, a few days later, a mother and her daughter in Fronton. The gendarmes managed, with their stubbornness, to gather this entire gang to neutralize and imprison them. Several of its members were minors at the time of the events. And so the case came last December for two weeks before the juvenile court. Several defendants received prison sentences (eight years, six years, and five years for at least four of the defendants). But BR detectives and their Toulouse colleagues also found some of the loot. Among them were some jewels that were sold in small doses in a store specializing in numismatics, buying gold and jewelery located on rue del Hôtel de Ville (the oldest on this street that has seen other brands flourish since then). Therefore, the owners were responsible, in particular, for the habitual concealment of property derived from a crime and for other concealments of objects derived from a theft. During the interrogation we learned that on 39 occasions young members of the gang came to negotiate between 500 and 600 euros for the loot without having to show too many credentials. At the beginning of the interrogation the owners said they suspected something. But we quickly hear the justification on the wife's beloved topic: “I accept money, otherwise the competition will benefit.” The ruthless world of a company that takes advantage of the crisis and transforms gold into a race for profit.

12 to 18 months with a suspended sentence

This is a little of what emerged from this process in which the two accused had all the difficulties in the world to make it seem that it was the gendarmes who had forced them to sign their statements. As a civil party, Mr. Frédéric David claimed compensation of 500 euros for the victims under article 475-1 and supported the civil action. It was difficult to ask for more knowing that the Criminal Court did not rule on the interests of the victims. Bernard Lambert, on behalf of the public prosecutor, estimated that currently “these gold purchasing companies are truly attractive to crime, although since then police searches and controls have become much more severe.” For this reason, he requested sentences ranging between 12 and 18 months in prison with suspended sentence.

Two tenors from the Toulouse bar association to defend them

In defense of the husband, Kiêt Nguyen, of the Toulouse Bar Association, established some falsehoods in the interest of his client. She said that since then the police book was not poorly completed and she requested the return of the seals and accounting books seized during the search of the safes in which the merchants kept all their coins.

For his part, the other lawyer from Toulouse, Laurent Boguet, in charge of the wife's interests, commented: “The gold market is something that worries me, especially at this time of crisis and growing social misery in the country.” He then insisted saying: “My clients are not professional criminals, they are more like first-time criminals, who have made peace and now want to work with a series of modifications in their store equipped in addition to video surveillance just in case.” The sentence was reserved until February 5 for this case and a second one examined immediately refers only to her husband. A problem of paperwork and accounting subtleties that were very beneficial. When they say that gold gives fever…

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