Montauban. En Voiture Simone, a 2nd online driving school is founded

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The 100% connected and cost-effective driving school has been introducing its service in Montauban since the beginning of the year. Enough to shake up the traditional sector, which denounces “unfair competition”.

And two! Two years after Ornikar, a second online driving school, En Voiture Simone, arrived in Montauban. The launch of this new discounted driving course and code service last January is not unanimous among industry professionals. The founders of this 100% connected driving school offer a package with 20 driving lessons and unlimited lessons according to the road regulations for 749 euros, compared to an average of 1,200 euros for the same driving package in traditional driving schools in Montalban.

“Since the service was launched in Montauban, 140 people have registered for driving courses. More than 787 people also train in this code in the Montauban area without any time limit. It's a good start with two driving instructors in Montauban,” he assures Edouard Rudolf, one of the creators of En car Simone. This latest platform currently has 248,000 candidates undergoing training across the country. “We are represented in the 70 largest French cities and have a total of 700 locations for driving lessons across the country,” says the managing director.

How it works ? Online driving schools like Ornikar or En Voiture Simone allow you to revise your code on the Internet. They put the candidate in touch with a driving instructor in his area. Online driving schools support their students in all processes, especially when registering for exams. The only downside: the deadlines for a place in the practical exam.

“The cheapest becomes the most expensive”

In Montauban, Anthony, a driving school instructor for 17 years, now teaches freelance for the two online driving schools based in his town. He has graduated and has his own double-drive car. “I change my car every two years. Otherwise, the pace of work is more comfortable for me. I can organize my schedule better. I finish there at 4 p.m. every day so that I can raise my daughter in good conditions,” explains the man, who was an employee for years before starting his own company.

Obviously, these price-cutting start-ups annoy traditional driving schools, which denounce a logic of “Uberization” of this low-cost offer. The Adam driving school, located in Montauban for more than 30 years and employing six driving instructors, is not afraid of the arrival of En Voiture Simone. “We had the experience of Ornikar, which in the end will not have influenced us too much. Price is one thing, tuition is another. The cheapest thing at the beginning sometimes becomes the most expensive when you arrive…” warns Sophie Adam.

At the French driving school, Isabelle, head of education, denounces “unfair competition”. The driving instructors are independent… The school support given to the candidates is not at all the same as ours.”

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