Missions of the National Bar Council

Legal missions

The National Bar Council received very specific missions from the law.

Unification and development of the rules and practices of the legal profession

In compliance with the applicable legislative and regulatory provisions, the rules and practices of the profession are unified by normative decisions published in the journal.

For this purpose, the National Bar Council established the National Internal Regulations (RIN) which standardize in particular:

  • ethical principles of the profession,
  • areas of activity,
  • exercise regimens,
  • interprofessional collaboration,
  • Relationship between attorneys belonging to different Bars.

Organization of initial and continuous training of lawyers

The National Bar Council is responsible for the training of lawyers. To this end, he is responsible for:

  • Determination of organizational principles of initial training and harmonization of programs,
  • Determine the conditions for continuing the training of lawyers,
  • coordination of various activities of regional vocational training centers,
  • Determining, collecting and distributing professional contributions and state contributions among regional vocational training centers,
  • Determine the terms and conditions for receiving specialty designations.

Decision on admission of foreign lawyers

The CNB decides on applications for admission by foreign lawyers from outside the European Union or the European Union who wish to become members of the French Bar on the basis of art. 99 and 100 of the resolution of November 27, 1991.

Admission of foreign lawyers

Representation of the legal profession in France and abroad

In addition to the missions assigned by law, the National Bar Council strives to represent the entire profession before public authorities, promote it to the general public and ensure its international influence.

Influencer with public authorities

Interlocutor of public authorities in legal and judicial matters and engaged in a proactive approach, CNB participates in legislative and regulatory reforms.

With public authorities, it carries out two types of influencing actions:

  • lobbying for the development and evolution of standards (laws, writings, regulations, directives) to protect the interests of litigants and citizens;
  • Lobbying to protect the interests of the profession.

These lobbying actions proposed the representation of the lawyer before the Constitutional Council (priority issue of constitutionality), the creation of the Lawyer's Act, the development of the MARD, making the lawyer a center for amicable dispute resolution (mediation, participatory procedures, cooperation). law).

Promoter of the profession to the general public

The National Bar Council promotes lawyers to the general public and businesses through participation in information and communication campaigns and events.

A vector of international influence of the profession

The National Council of Lawyers has created a special commission since its creation, aware of the international and European issues of the profession.

The CNB is responsible, in cooperation with many organizations, to protect the interests of the profession in the international arena (European Commission, International Bar Association, European Bar Council, OHADA) and to share its values ​​(human freedoms and rights. , fight against the death penalty, defense protection), ensuring the representation of the French lawyer abroad and Promote the establishment of French law firms abroad.

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