Lazio real estate market: signs of recovery during the first three months of the year. Rome stable at 3,359 euros/m2

After the 2023 impasse, the Lazio real estate market appears to show signs of recovery in the first quarter of 2024, with an upward trend in prices for both sales and rentals. However, it is the question that presents the most encouraging evidence in both sectors. This is what emerges fromQuarterly observatory of the Lazio residential market developed by Overviews, business unit specialized in market analysis of the leading real estate portal in Italy.

Buying a house in Lazio today costs on average, 2,628 euros per square meterwith a positive quarterly data (+1.7%) compared to the slight contraction (-0.8%) of the whole of last year. Even greater acceleration if we look at real estate applicationwhich recorded a solid performance last quarter +16.9%recovering from a slight decline (-0.7%) from last year. The offer is also on the same wavelength, starting again (+8.4%) in the 3 months which have just passed after the sharp drop (-11%) of 2023.

The rents :

When it comes to rentals, we also see an increase in prices and demand in this case. In the region, rents are increasing by 3.2% between January and March 2024, reaching i 14.3 euros/m2 on average, while demand is increasing by 6.3%compared to an offer which, within the same period, drop of more than 11%.

The capital:

When it comes to buying a house in Lazio, Rome remains the most expensive city compared to other capitals, with a cost of 3,359 euros/m2 on averagehigher than beyond 700 euros/m2 compared to the regional average. It is significantly cheaper to buy in the province of Rome, with average prices around 1,784 euros/m2. However, during the last quarter, peripheral areas appreciated more. (+3.2%) compared to the capital, which on the contrary maintains a certain stability (+0.7%).

Regarding the supply and demand of properties for sale, between January and March 2024, both are in line with what is happening in the region, with significant increases but at different rates: demand increases by around 19%, while home inventory by 8.6%.

Renting in Rome costs on average 16.3 euros per square meter, also establishing itself in the rental sector as the most expensive market in the region. Compared to sales prices, rents increase more and close at +3.8% during the quarter, with demand increasing by 6.8% while supply falls more sharply than the regional average: -13.8% in the last quarter.

Other territories in the region:

In the buying and selling market, almost all Lazio territories experienced price growth in the last quarter. The exceptions are: municipalities of Rieti and Latinawhich decrease respectively by 0.7% and of 0.2%.

Generalized growth also at the level request during the first three months of 2024, the municipality of Viterbo stands out above all (+20% approximately). It stands out province of Rietiwhose figure is the only one to decrease (-6.2%)while the same commune curiously rises by 8.4%. THE Latina commune and the province of Viterbo however, these are the only two areas to experience a decrease inofferrespectively -0.7% And -1.3%while all other areas of Lazio are growing, driven by the municipality of Frosinone (+26.6%).

Will passrentfaced with a general increase in prices in the last quarter, three territories are emerging in which a contraction was recorded: the most significant in province of Viterbo (-6.6%)but they also go down Latina commune (-5% approximately) is it that of Frosinone (-1.6%). In addition, the province and municipality of Frosinone are also, in that order, the first and second areas in which it is cheapest to rent a property. (on average respectively 6.2 and 6.9 euros/m2).

Regarding the demand for rental housingTHE municipality of Rieti stands out especially among the growing trends of the quarter (+36.2%)while neutralizing the province of Frosinonewhere demand falls by more than ten%. Rental stocks still on the market are decreasing almost everywhere, even if the municipality of Riéti shows an opposite trend (+16%). Instead, it maintains values ​​close to stability province of Latina (+0.6%).

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